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  1. Hi, I've been saving up my skilling points for a while now, and I figured sharing my loot would be a fun thing to do. I ended up buying 286 crates for a total of 100,100 skilling points (they cost 350 skilling points each). I'll post a spoiler with all of the loot in text form. Also, for my first 2 inventories, I forgot to check which seed was which. First inventory I got a stack of 16 seeds, and the second inventory had 1 seed, but I'm not sure if they were ranarr/snapdragon, so those 17 seeds were not included in the total (scuffed I know smh). Thanks for checking out my post : ) Loot in Text Form
  2. Shame you didn't get any rares, but very impressive nonetheless. Glad to be there during the journey, and best of luck with your future clues!

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