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  1. Finna pull up with the heater. Mans shook, hair like Tracy Beaker. Brrrrrr Brrrrrrr On the note of the event quest, I got one written up. We could add something extra, will look into it but no promises on that.
  2. Removed the scouting rule.
  3. Added an additional rule under Rule 1: 1 - Flame, Disrespect, Harassment and Inappropriate Content. Also added into the forums rules.
  4. Made changes to Rule 3 to clarify our stance on scamming/scams.
  5. Hello @burnt rice Making a post here regarding the Gamble rank will help you out.
  6. Voting rewards: These passive rewards can be earned by claiming votes from ::vote (Reading vote books will not give you these passive rewards) 5 Votes Provides 1 extra minute of bonus exp per vote book. 25 Votes You receive 10% extra vote points from claiming a vote. 50 Votes Provides 5 extra minutes of bonus exp per vote book. 100 Votes You receive 20% extra vote points from claiming a vote. 150 Votes You will get a 5% increased chance to find heads required for the slayer helm recolours. 200 Votes 3rd age tools will provide a 10% boost instead of 5%. 250 Votes You will receive an extra vote book upon claiming your vote. 300 Votes Provides 10 extra minutes of bonus exp per vote book. 350 Votes You receive 30% extra vote points from claiming a vote. 400 votes Provides 15 extra minutes of bonus exp per vote book. 450 Votes You will receive a 10% discount on items in the vote store. 500 Votes Boosts the chances of finding a pet by 5%. You will receive an extra vote book upon claiming your vote. These boosts do not stack, the effect will be upgraded once you reach the required number of votes.
  7. Updated Rule 2 and Rule 5 to Include stream advertisements and revised the advertisement time limit from 30 mins to 15 mins.
  8. Ayanami

    Glod Guide

    In this guide I will be showing the location of the Glod spawns, recommended items and ways in which you can get to Glod. What is Glod? Glod is a boss that spawns in the wilderness every two hours and can be killed for various items, His drop table can be found here. His loot is based on how much damage players deal to him, Only the top 3 players that deal the most damage will receive loot. This is a wilderness diversion so you may be attacked by other players Do not take items you are willing to risk as you will be skulled upon attacking Glod Glod locations: Getting to Glod: The Glod locations are spread out across the wilderness but you have these options to reach him; Level 5 o Run north-east from home o Use a burning amulet and run from the chaos temple Level 12 o Use the Crazy Archaeologist boss teleport and run south-east o Use a burning amulet to teleport to the bandit camp and run south Level 23 o Use the Crazy Archaeologist boss teleport and run south-east to the bandit camp entrance and then head north o Use a burning amulet to teleport to the bandit camp and run north Level 29 o Use Corporeal beast boss teleport and run north o Use the vet'ion boss teleport and run south-east o Use the black chins teleport and run east Level 45 o Demonic ruins teleport in wilderness teleports Level 47 o Demonic ruins teleport in wilderness teleports and run east Level 52 o Demonic ruins teleport in wilderness teleports and run north-east through the gate o Scorpia boss teleport and run east o Chaos elemental boss teleport and run east Gear guide: Viggora's Chainmace The chainmace is the best item to use if you are using melee as this is a wilderness weapon and gains a boost to damage while in the wilderness. Craws Bow Craws bow is the best range option while killing Glod, it's fast attack speed helps you get the damage in and has the boosted damage as mentioned above. Blowpipe Good choice for killing Glod with it's high dps. Tentacle whip 2nd best melee option, can be replaced with a whip if you are on limited options for melee. Black dragon-hide Good to bring with any set up, it's high magic defense will help you if you happen to become prey to a pker and doubles as range bonus if you are using range.
  9. Welcome to Oldschool! Table of contents: 1. Account creation 2. Getting to know the place 3. Getting started (Normal) 4. Getting started (Iron-man) 5. Misc. Money making 5.1 Low level money making 5.2 Mid level money making 5.3 High level money making 6. Additional info Account creation: Upon logging in, you will be greeted with a dialog box asking you to choose XP rate. You will be given 4 options to choose from which are: Easy (x150) Gives a 0% drop rate bonus Mostly used to fast track levels with no drop rate boost. Normal (x50) Gives a 0% drop rate bonus Used for if you want a challenge but no drop rate boost. Extreme (x15) Gives a 12.9% drop rate bonus Gives the player a nice challenge and a nice drop rate boost. No-lifer (x5) Gives a 20.97% drop rate bonus The hardest base mode Oldschool offers with a very good drop rate bonus. Players may also pick a custom rate at the Oldschool guide to customize their experience with a drop rate tailored to their preference. Drop rate boosts can be found here. After you have made that choice you will also be asked if you would like to be one of the various Ironman, If you select no you will not be-able to turn your non Ironman into an Ironman. If you decide yes you will be greeted with another 4 options of the selection of Ironman modes we have. Ironman The most basic out of the bunch but still a challenge, Ironman offers players a challenge with no trading and limited shops. Ultimate Ironman Ultimate ironman offers the challenge of no trading, limited shops and also the added stipulation of not being able to use a bank to store items. Hardcore Ironman Hardcore Ironman is similar to normal Ironman but with a more limited shop and only one life, so if a death occurs your account will be reset to Ironman or reset to a fresh Hardcore Ironman. Group Ironman Group Ironman offers a gamemode where you work with upto 4 other players with trade restrictions however Group Ironmen can trade between each other in the group with the Ironman chest. 2. Getting to know the place Alot of useful information regarding your account can be found in the oldschool panel in regards to your points/slayer task and other sorts of fun things. We also offer various commands to make things a little more convenient,  ::home - Teleports you to the home area (Can't be used in the wilderness) ::vote - Opens up the voting page, after voting for us you will be rewarded Coins, 1 vote book and 75 vote points. (This can be redeemed at the Rewards chest) ::discord - Opens up the servers Discord ::yell - Lets you send messages globally (30 second cooldown between messages which is lowered per donation tier) ::resetxp - Resets exp for a skill (Can not be used on Hitpoints) ::xplock - Locks exp gain for skills (Can not be used on Hitpoints) ::xpunlock - Unlocks skills with ::xplock enabled ::forums - Opens up the forums ::bugreport - Opens up the bug report section of the forums ::commands - Opens up a list of commands on the server. In the home area there is most of the npc's that you need to get going, here is a basic map: *Npc's of interest will be colour coded throughout the post in the general area* First off there is a teleporter located in the middle highlighted on the map, This is the main teleportation method to get around Oldschool. It is packed with all kinds of teleports, they are split into categories so you can find the ones you need with ease. (You can also favorite teleport areas so you can right click the teleporter and open up the ones you need) Sigmund - Buys unwanted items off players General store - Sells basic tools and food items Estate agent - Sells houses and house supplies for construction Makeover mage - Changes the players appearance Town crier - Has stores where you can use vote,skill and pvm points Beginner guide - Gives the player general information Horvik - Sells skilling tools and supplies Brother tranquility - Gives the player a halo and sells items for god affinity Lesser fanatic - Sells achievement rewards Pardu - Collects the players lost untradeable items Probita - She sells insurance for pets so they will be collected on death Skillcape seller - Sells the player various skill capes Ponts the skill master - Gives the player skilling tasks to complete for gold and skilling points Turael - Gives the player slayer tasks Ironman tutor - Has basic items for ironmen Ironman chest - Used to store GIM's items Occult altar - Changes the players spell book Rejuvenation pool - Replenmishes the players hitpoints, prayer and spec (5 mins cooldown) Rewards chest - Used to claim donations, votes and loyalty rewards Oldschool guide - Lets the player change XP rate and toggle warnings Dark mage - Upgrades players Ibans staff Wizard Akutha - Sells runes and magic gear Armour salesmen - Sells arrows and ranged gear Oziach - Sells melee gear Gem merchant - Will buy stolen items off the player for gold Theiving stalls - Used to obtain items to sell to the Gem merchant Getting Started (Normal) Initially you start off with 250k and other basic supplies and 3 starter weapons that can be used to train giving you a magic shortbow/dragon scimitar/trident equivalent that degrades upon use. (Right-click Check to see how much charge you have left) It is suggested to go to Brother tranquility and pledge to a god to obtain a halo of your desired god to earn rewards that will help you on your journey. Some of the first things you can do is train some combat stats, the most common spot is Rock crabs and you can get there by using ::train Or use the teleporter at home and pick a training area that suits you. Another option for combat training would be to get a slayer task from Tureal in the northern part of home to earn some gp while you train! If you want to get right into the money making you can steal from the stalls and exchange the items you steal to the Gem merchant, he will give you Gp for each item stolen. You can also skill to your hearts content, buy some things from the general store and Horvik, use the teleporter and away you go. Skilling can be a decent money maker with selling resources and you can also get skilling tasks that will reward you with Gp and skilling tasks from Pontus the skillmaster. Getting started (Ironman) It is suggested to go to Brother tranquility and pledge to a god to obtain a halo of your desired god to earn rewards that will help you on your journey. As mentioned above Iron-men are limited to what shops they can use so for most of your items you will need to make yourself or get them as a drop, This will be really useful for you, You can also access this by doing the command ::Drops in-game. As for the stores you can use are as follows: Grace - Located in rouges den will sell you graceful Team cape stores Brother Tranquility - Exchanges god affinity for god items Town crier - PvM, skilling points and vote point store Ironman Tutor - will sell the basic items Pardu - used to reclaim untraceable items north-west of the home teleport Lesser fanatic - To spend achievement points Gnome robe store - located in the grand tree north of the Gnome agility course Zamorak mage - Located in level 8-9 wilderness, He is the only place for hci's to buy runes Watson - cosmetics/outfits Theater of blood cape store - Used to buy shrouds after you have met the requirements Tokkul store - It is located south of the Inferno minigame teleport Estate agent - Located right beside the house portal near home that sells construction supplies. For starting an Iron-man you will need to kill things to get your gear in most cases so combat is really useful, using your lobsters head to ::train and get some basic levels, maybe 40 attack/strength/defense. After that head over to the Ironman tutor or the Zamorak mage in the wilderness and get some runes to cast damaging spells to safe spot greater demons in the catacombs. You may also want to get a staff of some sort so you can auto-cast the spells, Air wizards located south of falador will drop and air staff, once you have that you can head to the greater demons. Head to the teleporter and click on slayer>catacombs of kourend. It's recommended to follow this path to them as just going north will get you killed. You will be using the stairs to safespot them here is what it should look like. After getting some drops like rune items/dragon weapons you can move on to some slayer, Fishing and cooking for a good base amount of food is always a good idea as there is no shops you can buy them from. Other tips while doing slayer would be a herb sack and pick up all the herbs and secondaries as you will need them later down the line. With all that said you should be off to a good start. Misc money making As mentioned countless times above slayer is a good way to make money, however there is other ways to get some money together. Low level: Thieving stalls - they are located just south of home and are a great source of starter cash. Pick-pocketing - after you have gotten levels in the thieving skill you are able to pickpocket farmers and other npc's, you also may get lucky and get a rogues set which will double your loot from pickpocketing (High thieving and rogues set is recommended) Re-selling store items - This one is a rare one as people just buy things themselves but selling bulk items like herbs/secondaries on the g.e could make you some money at the right time. Mid levels: Once you get some combat levels together you are ready to kill things for some nice loot that you can sell on the grand exchange to players, as people can't see offers of items it's advisable to hop into discord and post a screen of your offers in the #Market channel. Clue Scrolls - Gathering and completing clue scrolls can be a great money maker as uniques have a Sigmund value of 25k+, they also offer good supply drops which you can sell to other players, they also offer uniques which can net you a good amount of cash, most notably Ranger boots. Spiritual mages - With some god items like capes/books/symbols you can go kill spiritual mages in the Godwars dungeon, the main item you are going for will be dragon boots which are a fairly good drop rate. Black masks - Hunting for black masks is easier than mages but with the lower drop rate and the price of the masks it's a safe alternative. Gargoyles - This are really good for alchs and smithing supplies which can be sold on the Grand exchange, they do require 75 slayer and the auto smashing perk in the slayer rewards store is recommended. Cannon ball making - This is a slow but afk method. Either getting the bars yourself of buying them and making them to cannon balls. Kurasks - If you use a ring of wealth, herb sack and alchs these can net you some good Gp. Revenants - Revs are in the wild so you will not be safe most of the time so you need to keep an eye out, however they drop emblems which can either be exchanged for blood money or sold to Sigmund for a nice stack of cash. The other drops like the bracelet and rev weapons are also great. Recommended items for this would be: Amulet of glory (4), Bracelet of ethereum (Charged), looting bag and gear you don't mind losing. Making potions - Making the mid to high level potions such as prayer/super restore/ranging/saradomin brews. Fishing/cooking - Due to the lack of cheap food gathering sharks is also a good choice as people are always in need of some good food. Dragon bones - Dragon bones are always in need, buying a anti-fire shield and heading to the wilderness or Taverley dungeon (Donors can also use the donor dungeon to kill green dragons that are in a safe area) High level: Godwars dungeon - It really depends if you are lucky or not, if you get a big ticket item like bandos tassets it's fairly good. Giant mole - Killing giant mole for it's skins is mostly over looked, with the use of Dharok armour and a rock cake kills do not take long and with the Falador shield 3 the skins and claws are noted. Selling them to Sigmund gives a decent amount of money. Vorkarth - He take a little time to learn but he drops superior dragon bones which can be used for prayer. Barrows - Not as high level as the others but still a great source of drops (Decent magic level is recommended) Theater of blood - This requires quite alot of gear/effort and you need to find a team. Completing the Theater of blood will net you about 1-2.9m per run, you will also get some loot with a chance to get a unique item which will sell for alot. Additional information If you need any help/advice a good place to ask is in Help cc, there is a good amount of players in there and staff are in there too waiting to help you out. If there is something you need the staff for using ::help will notify a staff member and they will come to you to help with your query.
  10. Here Is a list of activites that are safe or unsafe deaths for Hardcore Ironmen: Dominion Zone - Unsafe death Chambers of Xeric - Safe death Theater of Blood - Unsafe death Sands of Avarice - Safe death Pest Control - Safe death Instance Bosses - Unsafe death Pvm - unsafe death Fight Caves - Safe death Inferno - Safe death Pvp - Unsafe death

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