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  1. Sia

    Signature Request

    Us girls like colorful. I like it but the text isn't as bold as I'd like if you could possibly make an adjustment. [=
  2. Would be a good money sink to keep the eco going smoothly.
  3. What version does he have + JRE/JDK or SDK?
  4. Ouch. That sucks. #Retry
  5. Nice guide. Makes me want to make some guides too. lol
  6. Damn that's crazy. Hell of good luck. Grats
  7. Does he not have Java installed?
  8. Sia

    Have you seen it yet?

    Yes, I do. I was joking with you. lol Was he 25 prior to his birthday? ^^
  9. Ye, I was considering adding more but didn't want to overkill it and be embarrassed for it. ^_^
  10. Sia

    Have you seen it yet?

    You don't like 25 buttholes? Or maybe you've never seen 25 buttholes before this?
  11. That concept had crossed my mind too. l0l
  12. The forums need more activity. What better way than a forum game? This game consists of you taking the given image and editing it in paint. Doesn't matter what you add or remove, or alter, just modify the image and repost it. Tip: You can copy your image and paste it into the comment reply box without having to upload it somewhere first. just paste the image directly. Let's begin: example:
  13. Sia

    Have you seen it yet?

    It does, but so do I. lol

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