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  1. Hi, Love it. Already checked if there's space to add them. There is. We're now looking for the best way to add them in-game. Once that's been clarified, it will be added to-do.
  2. Nice! Would love to get that special, not allowed under 18, reward :d
  3. I've added this to the to-do list.
  4. You should be able to get cleaning cloth from general store if I recall correctly. I know for sure ::dz sells them.
  5. Hi, This is already on the to-do as answered on Discord.
  6. 1) Agreed with Pie 2) Gauntlets already on the to-do, tomm just needs to code it. 3) It does. Update your client 4) How would you imagine that? Eventually, deppending on the time you have you can kill everything solo. 5) How come a bigger variety? Every impling is in Puro-Puro. Crystal impling have a 1/50 or 1/25 chance of spawning when completing a prif lap.
  7. Hi, we have since recent a complete guide at You might find your missing clues there.
  8. Hi, What kind of hoods/hats are you personally looking for?
  9. Welcome Welcome! Glad you enjoy your stay! Hope to see some big gains of you!
  10. Dear Winter Bingo'ers, Please use the format below to post your completion of a row or column within the PvM Winter Bingo Board. Team name: Picture of the row/column you're submitting: Proof: Note: Deppending on the amount of proof, you can use the spoiler tags to reduce the length of the post.
  11. After quite some time I was able to play again. 1st day back I get chainskirt from arma minion and kree pet right after!
  12. Any computer you'll buy will (in today's world) have at least 100GB of disk space. This is way more then you'll need to play our game. Just as Pie stated, the files the client will download are about 1GB of size. Hope this helps.

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