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  1. It's been some day but you dont need bags of salt.
  2. It works the same way as Magma/Tanz helms, when you restore them, you lose the mutagen. This should not be changed.
  3. Was this recently added to OSRS, or always have been?
  4. Regarding suggestion 1. Is on the to-do. For suggestion 2, have you tried Watson?
  5. Looks great! Keep it up-to-date!
  6. Hi, This sounds a good idea, but the issue it. As of now currently, one player has over 500 votes. So.. not worth it right now, and as you can only vote twice a day (outside buying them). It will take quite some for people to reach that threshhold. Lowering for example to 250, would make it too common.
  7. Looks promising! Keep it up.
  8. Unlike your name, you were just unlucky. The exp you get is random, even the chance of getting any exp is random. The way it works is as follows: It roll between items or exp. IF it rolls on items, it rolls any of the items within the pool. IF it rolls on exp, it chooses any of the skills. Meaning, you were just unlucky.
  9. Common 100-150 Grimy snapdragon noted 500,000-1,000,000 Coins 300-500 Dragon dart 300-500 Dragon arrow 300-500 Dragon bolts Uncommon Dragon hasta Master wand Mages book Tome of fire (empty) Mythical cape Dragon crossbow Rare Draconic visage Wyvern visage Skeletal visage Penance Queen pet = 1/1000
  10. Common 15-20 Runite ore 350-550 Steel bar 180-220 Magic logs 80-200 Dragon dart tip 3-4 Magic seed 4-6 Torstol seed 4-6 Snapdragon seed 4-6 Ranarr seed Uncommon 35-45 Uncut diamond 35-45 Uncut ruby 450-650 Coal 150-250 Gold ore 100-250 Dragon arrowtips 75,000-175,000 Coins 500-650 Iron ore 3-5 Rune full helm 3-5 Rune platebody 3-5 Rune platelegs 4500-7500 Pure essence 150-450 Raw monkfish 150-375 Raw shark 120-300 Raw sea turtle 125-235 Raw manta ray Rare Dagonhai hat Dagonhai robe top Dagonhai robe bottom

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