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  1. I think what Flux means, if there is legit someone being hacked, what stops him from saying "He account shared the details to me on voice chat" ? Legit hackers would never be caught again as this can be used as an grey area every time and it would be A vs B in terms of arguments.
  2. Check this first topic where we first asked if the server wants it, I explained it there
  3. The numbers in option 1 were just an example, but it seems like option 2 pans out as favourite already anyways
  4. This is the wrong section please head to the Appeal section and make a post there.
  5. Hello Gamers, We've been reading you guys discuss in the previous thread about whether or not we should add the pet threshold from RS3 on OSRSPS. The support on the topic and the activity overall was great, thanks for participating in making the server better! As a result of the first impression of the pet threshold being positive we now need to dive in deeper into how exactly will we introduce the feature. We need you for that once again, as you will be the people who will kill 100's of bosses to get a better chance of a pet! Give us numbers! Here is a list of every boss with a pet that will need a threshold: - Kree'arra (Armadyl GWD Boss) -> Pet 1/3000 - General Graardor (Bandos GWD Boss) -> Pet 1/3000 - Kril Tsutsaroth (Zamorak GWD Boss) -> Pet 1/3000 - Commander Zilyana (Saradomin GWD Boss) -> Pet 1/3000 - Cerberus -> Pet 1/3000 - Kalphite Queen -> Pet 1/3000 - Dagannoth Prime -> Pet 1/5000 - Dagannoth Supreme -> Pet 1/5000 - Dagannoth Rex -> Pet 1/5000 - Alchemical Hydra -> Pet 1/3000 - Grotesque Guardians -> Pet 1/3000 - Kraken -> Pet 1/3000 - Thermonuclear Smoke Devil -> 1/3000 - Abyssal Sire (Here it would be alot lower due to the pet dropping from the Unsired, not the Boss itself) - Chaos Elemental / Chaos Fanatic (Do you guys think we need a threshold for this boss? The Pet is 1/300) - Scorpia -> Pet 1/2000 - Vet'ion -> Pet 1/2000 - Venenatis -> Pet 1/2000 - Callisto -> Pet 1/2000 - King Black Dragon -> Pet 1/3000 - Skotizo (Same question here, do we need a threshold for this? It's already 1/65) - Zalcano -> Pet 1/1850 - TzTok-Jad -> Pet 1/200 (Not taking Fire cape gamble into account) - TzKal-Zuk -> Pet 1/100 (Not taking Infernal cape gamble into account) - Giant Mole -> Pet 1/3000 - Zulrah -> Pet 1/4000 - Corporeal Beast -> Pet 1/5000 - Vorkath -> Pet 1/3000 - The Nightmare -> Pet 1/4000 - Theatre of Blood -> Pet 1/400 - Sands of Avarice -> Pet 1/650 Those are all the bosses with an obtainable pet on the server with their current droprate of the pet, now its time for you! I was thinking of leaving this completely open, but this would make finding that 1 option we want pretty hard, so I prepared two "options", that you can talk about, those can still be altered, like a "mixed" option between the 2. 1. Option We make a set "calculation" that covers all bosses the same way. For example: Threshold is half the droprate of the pet and then doubles the chances Which would be 2000 nightmare KC to get a 2/4000 or 1/2000 droprate for example. 2. Option We make different thresholds for every boss based on how fast/slow they are, this would prob. not be done in here with the exact numbers, we would ask which bosses would you guys consider as long, which as fast and which as "medium" and then release a list we work on behind the scenes and ask you guys if it's good for you. Thanks for reading once again! Keep it civil, have fun while discussing!
  6. Haven't wrote here in a while, not many groundbreaking drops or pets lately! Just a few raid items and smaller things. Well.. I got tassets from a minion so my luck is gone anyways KEKW
  7. The way you understood it is correct by the way
  8. Is this a general "support" for the idea from your side?
  9. But they would still remain rare? Maybe we don't add the threshold the way RS3 did and make the "improvements" lower?
  10. Hey everyone, lately we received questions about why the bonus droprate you get from your donator status and your XP-Rate does not affect pet drops. After a suggestion in the #suggestion section of our Discord server we discussed this topic in a staff meeting and decided to put this one up for you, the community to discuss. What is "Pet Threshold" ? The pet threshold is a Runescape mechanic added to RS3 with the boss pet update in january 2015. What it does it increase your chance for a pet the more kills of a certain boss you have. ... That is the easy way of explaining it, the more detailed option is as followed: Note: This is an example. None of these numbers are set in stone and will be changed based of feedback. (If the suggestion is accepted by you guys) We take Giant Mole as an example, it's pet threshold is 1000 and the baby mole has a dropchance of 1/3000 If a player killed the Giant Mole 1000 times without receiving the pet their threshold is 1. What that means is from that point on the pet droprate for you is lowered on this boss. In RS3's case they add 1 to the droprate, meaning that from 1000 kc and beyond your chance for a baby mole is 2/3000 or 1/1500. If you reach 2000 kills without the pet it will be 3/3000 or 1/1000 and so on. This threshold is different for every boss on RS3, for example Corp threshold is 500, while the DKS one is 1500, as they are much faster to kill. We thought this would be a nice addition, as pets are still the "rarest" pvm content to be achieved and this system still requires you to kill the boss a good amount of time but rewards those who aren't getting lucky early on with a drop but consistenly try to get the pet. What are your thoughts? Do you want us to add this system to the server? What would the thresholds be for the bosses? That is something we want you to answer! Thanks for reading and have fun discussing.
  11. This was a bug that made the charged trident instantly loose all of its charges, notsure about it vanishing.. U sure u didnt just suddenly had 2 uncharged?
  12. Does this still need our assistance?
  13. You sure you have it set up on the homepage and not the forums? It's 2 different things
  14. Been a long time since an update, was slacking with the updates, alot of nice stuff dropped, also 2 new pets in the meantime Check it out

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