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  1. Congratulations on your promotions fellas. Good luck!
  2. This forum post is now locked. For further suggestions and topics, please go to the CORRECT location under forums or discord.
  3. The problem with getting an onyx after a completion would be the abundance of onyx jewelry, so that option is off the table most likely. However, more tokkul I can see, but I doubt it would be a huge increase to it. We will see what others have to say in regards. Thanks for the suggestion.
  4. Yes, it will be fixed if not already.
  5. We are looking into this, thanks for the notice. For now, make sure you have 2FA activated and change your password so it doesn't happen again.
  6. Dot

    Pet Threshold

    I believe this will be a perfect addition to players who like to hunt pets. Maybe I’ll see a pet in my name finally. Just in the end if it’s implemented, maybe add a threshold for all bosses somewhere so people know when they hit the threshold. IE (KQ, Cerb, Zulrah, GWD and all)
  7. Dot


    Thanks for being here with us buddy.
  8. Awesome updates TommyBoy. Let's get it!
  9. Thanks everyone! Hopefully I can keep up the good work with all you guys supporting me! Much Love
  10. Crazy to see Elysians ingame, but no Arcanes.
  11. Dot

    Farming Guide

    Great guide Frenchy
  12. Definitely report it. Safe spots that aren't in OSRS are typically not meant to happen. Plus, it's safer for you anyways to report it.

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