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  1. Wonderful update as usual Tom. Thank you so much!
  2. Sure do like em simple and easy to follow. Thank you.
  3. Absolutely love it! Very well done. This will definitely make it a lot easier for new players to understand.
  4. Yess! I love it. Hope they decide to use it.
  5. Hell yeah, cannot wait for that hunter rework lol.
  6. Love it, wonderful guide. Thank you.
  7. Support, honestly would be nice to have everything working in POH. It's just nice to have and to just mess around with.
  8. Congratulations Laws! Good luck on your future adventures Ayanami!
  9. This guide is amazing. This will definitely help some. I do have a question though, would it be possible if you could add like a small part that could specify on different types of armour that could be used if someone doesn't have the recommended stuff?
  10. What personal information could you get from here? An email address and a password? That password may not even match the emails password lol. There's legit nothing to gain from the personal information unless you are a complete dunce and share your address on here, which I doubt anyone as done. So, seems like you are just angry over nonsense, maybe I don't truly understand what you mean by this thread. I do hope this thread is just a troll though, otherwise you are just a dunce.
  11. Good lord. Hard at work. Wonderful update tom, thank you.
  12. Wow, very nice progress so far dude. What is your play time?
  13. Wow, more great updates. Do you even sleep lol?

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