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  1. https://oldschoolrsps.com/pvm-hiscore for anyone thinking this actually changes that much server has been out nearly 5 months and only a few bosses have someone at 1k+ kc which would be the general threshold to gain increased pet chance it wont change the amount of pets in really any noticeable way but its so nice for people who want to spend hundreds of hours farming for all pvm pets
  2. Coll log very bugged rn, forgets shit you have gotten and wil then fix itself like a month later - shouldnt be touched until thats fixed Dont mind dupe number, dont think its necessary either though Dont care for the inferno practice run, its already only 3 waves, but if you are making it cost 1m per run, sure, the more gold sinks the better. No to the skill pet shit, clogs up chat so much - also wouldnt make sense to have that for skilling pets and not pvm pets. Simply adding the tools to ironmeme store feels lazy, can add them in more unique ways, e.g. shop npc in wc guild meaning you need to get 60 wc to get into the guild and access the shop. X amount of nuggets to purchase a perk at prospector percy to unlock tools in his store, stuff like that. Bonecrusher is whatever, having that option doesnt hurt anything, go for it Bone crusher and herb sack are fine to go in ;;store Ecu keys seem very pointless to me as your gwd KC stays forever on here Dont see the point in the key halfs from barrows chest, feels very random and out of place Yes to the gp from bank for slayer tasks, seen this one suggested so many times and adding it doesnt change anything, people are just lazy aapparently No to the lockpicks, you can get them from the safes @ rogues den next to grace as well as imps No to that donor perk, we need all the gp sinks we can get The killstreak thing @Deluxe worked on for indova, something like that was added, should be easy to add for here?
  3. gimp


    Dragon pickaxe being rare is a good thing, makes people actualy go to wildy. In comparrison, d axe on os is 34k, d pick is 4.8m. D harpoon is actually easy to get, just not a lot of people do wyrms. So no, dont add those to a shop, ruins the only real profit you can make from doing wildy bosses. I am indifferent to bronze>rune tools being added to shops as like you said, they can be bought on OS from shops. Can lock them behind levels in certain places, e.g. the dude in the wc guild that sells axes on OS, can add him to wc guild here which would require lvl 60 wc to get in, at which point you could then buy a rune axe. Dont know if there is a lvl req for mlm on here, but either way, could add an unlock at percy for 100 nuggets that would then add rune picks and below to his shop. might feel a bit redundant on here cuz of super high xp rates where you cut like 1 inv of logs on x150 and you're 50 wc but what ever.
  4. so what did staff not like about the achievement list looting bag suggested, just the uniques from cox/tob/soa? @Izay
  5. thats what im asking, what specifically was the feedback about the indova achievements @Izay
  6. @Izay what feedback about the indova achievements the indova achievement system was utter garbage if anyone aimed to complete it
  7. Team Name: Click Clack Team Leader: Looting Bag Tiles completed: All Time of completion: Friday 24th 20:51 Server time Link to doc: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11FoiN_JndDnikediyufnDXeDootXQQRImvvTeGQAbIM/edit#gid=0
  8. remove barrows or make it 100kc a blanket 250 kc for most bosses is a bit shit too 250 kc at garg boss?? no thanks should split the bosses up into 3 tiers? 100 kc bosses, 150 kc bosses and 250 kc bosses gwd bosses would be 250kc garg boss would be 150 kc nightmare would be 100 kc for example Google is out of his mind if he think 500 slayer tasks completed is very reasonable but 100 kc all raids isnt dont have any slayer tasks completed raids kc is fine x15 and lower is also good no need for music cape no need for x time played - could actually cuck people who complete every single req before the 'x' time played req remove the easy clues req
  9. I dont like the split choice for raids/pc event type shit - would cause too much baby rage imo - what i could see working is just the well only accepting a lump sum from 1 person and they can choose the event - players could agree to pay 25m ea and hand their money over to 1 person to put it into the well (best for players to hand over cash after the event is bought - its 2020, if you get baited/scammed into giving someone your money for this and they run off, iono what to tell, but it should work well between groups of friends wantint to do raids) Dont have much issue with the xp multiplier (assume this is meant to be skill specific) or the mild drop rate boost to a specific boss, could work nicely I quite like the sound of increase pet luck from sacrificing the bosses items to it. Good for eco. The clue scroll stuff is interesting, definately something there that would be balanced but current suggestion seems a bit too op being able to get a boost for 5 mins by sacrificing a page set cuz as you said, you can just stack caskets Potentially would just be you buff the loot for X casket depending on what you sacrifice?
  10. You prolly doing it too slow with EU ping wing smh :') It is being fixed though, soon tm.
  11. Guards: There is actually a bug with guardians on here, if you have your trident, cross, tbow, any weapon really and click to attack a guardian and then immediately equip any pickaxe, the hit will count. The most common method is to swap between trident and pickaxe Mystics: As wing said, tbow absolutely destorys them here, 90+ hits with d arrows, void and salve ei Shamans: BP is the by far the fastest way to clear the room You only need to move 2 tiles for the blobs here, they also do no damage most of the time for what ever reason Muttadiles: The points are not capped, do no freeze them, you will recieve full points every time you bring them down to 40% If you wish to speed run the raid, you need only zgs the small muta, the big mutta will then not bother going to the tree. Vangs: The tiles marked the in the screenshot you do not need to bother with, they have greatly reduced aggro range on here. It not even accurate to aggro range on OS anymore after their recent change. You cannot melee the melee vanguard on here, their defences are very different to OS, you can however, mage the range vanguard but melee is still best. Vespula: You must hit vespula at least once during the room or else she will not drop her potions Trident on longrange is pretty good, overloaded or not. Tekton: You pretty much dont need to dwh spec him, dds speccing is better and then just whip him 1 hit per side also just doesnt work here, the timing is a bit strange, its 1 hit on 1 side then 2 hits then next side and repeat. Vasa: Any melee weapon will do, just whip it, the tele attack is random, the healing is super high, basically need to wait until its gone to 4 crystals and then it will afk in the middle throwing boulders until you kill it Ice Demon: A CHEST IS BASICALLY A MUST chopping and dropping wastes just as much time as it takes to get a chest but makes it so much more annoying Just build a chests and get like 80 kindling, you can put 1 kindling in the brazier and you will get a message saying how much you need for your party size. Dont need to dwh it, trident works very well. Crabs: The black crystal doesnt matter which colour the ball Thieving: Pretty much exact same, just need more grubs than you do on OS Lock pick does nothing, dont bother with it Tightrope: Some room layouts you can just click past the barrier and move on with getting the crystal, its always worth to get the crystal, but you dont need to wait for a team mate to bring it back over some times. Olm: Dont bother paying attention to what he empowers himself with, he can use all types of specials regardless of empowerment. There is a much better strategy for duo+ teams than typical OS team strats but is probably too complex for beginners so i wont go into detail about it.
  12. gimp

    Scuffed Inferno guide

    Recommended stats for 1st time capers: 90+ range and 75+ defence Videos of 2 inferno runs at the bottom of guide. Minimum gear setup: Recommended minimal gear: Highly recommended gear for 1st capers (BE ON TASK WITH IMBUED HELM OR MASK!): Grab an archers ring imbued or not if you can also. Alright ima get some shit out of the way that people who have done inferno on OS need to know about as stuff is a lil bit quirky but there will be some useful stuff in there for beginners but i will be going over it again anyway. 1. Treat zuk shield like its enranged zuk attacking every 7 ticks, aka, behind it at all times essentially - the typical 3-1-1-1-3 attack cycle does work mostly, you just cant run ahead to the next 'safe spot' like you can on OS 2. The mage and ranger sets are not strictly on a timer, they only go onto a timer once both are dead. It is also a 3 minute timer with no bonus time from when you kill jad. 3. The zuk healers run a train on your boy hole and have longer range, if you have anything other than a bp, i heavily advise not tagging them all at once and instead kill 1 by 1 or 2 by 2 in most situations. 4. If it wasn't obvious from the video, all range weapons have near unlimited range against most mobs, it varies during the waves. Bp has normal-ish range vs jad and triple jad but zuk jad it has unlimited, stuff like that, you will figure it out. 5. Single jad is only 3 healers, and all jad healers throughout the waves are random spawns, have fun with that. Okay now - I would incredibly advise to do inferno on a tzhaar task with imbued slayer helm or black mask, you will have a much easier time. As for beginners with budget gear like i do, tragic times await you. Wave 67: The singularr Jad Diamond bolts equipped Same as fight cave jad, he has a mage attack where he stands up on his back legs and a range attack where he stomps on the ground with his front legs, change prayers accordingly. when he reaches 50%~ he will spawn 3 jads that heal him very quickly, you cannot out-damage them in bad gear at all, don't even try. Depending on your skill set, gear, if on-task and defence level there are four strategies you can use 1. Tag 1 by 1 and kill them individually - Most suited for low defence, off task 2. Tag all 3 and chin/barrage them - Would only recommend to more experienced players 3. Tag all 3 and move around until only 1 can attack you 4. Tag all 3 and run through jad just after you see him do an attack to the otherwise of him and the healers will be stuck Wave 68: The triple jads Diamond bolts equipped It may seem daunting but its really not that hard, its just jad, but faster. The south jad always attacks first, then the north west jad and lastly the north east jad. Dealing with triple jads is basically the same as single jad There is however a bit of quirk to tripled jads on here, if you move too far from the center of them, the tick their attack hits you becomes unsynced which can lead to two jad hits hitting you at the same time. For this reason it is highly inadvisable to stray more than 2 tiles in any direction from the blue marked tile in the video This leads onto how to deal with the first jads healers (you can kill the jads in any order, just preference, most people start with south) You cannot tag all 3 and run through jad like you can on single jad, you must use strategies 1-3 I would recommend for beginners or less experienced players to tag 1 by 1 and kill so you can focus more on getting your prayers correct for the jads. Once the first jad is dead, it becomes 3x easier and you can now also employ the tag all 3 healers and run through method. Just before you kill the last jad, heal up to full-ish and get ready for zuk the cuck You can also press the logout button which will send a pause request so once the last jad is dead, you can take a breather if you're having an anxiety attack like a 12 year old at a disco, log out, and when ready to fight zuk, log back in Wave 69: Zuk AT THE START OF ZUK IF THERE ARE TWO SHIELDS FOLLOW THE SHIELD THAT MOVES TO ONE SIDE AND RELOG - IT IS A VERY COMMON BUG CURRENTLY - RELOGGING WILL JUST START WAVE 69 AGAIN AND THE SHIELD BUG WILL BE FIXED. THE SHIELD CAN CHANGE WHICH SIDE IT GOES TO FIRST WHEN YOU DO THIS. DONT ASSUME IT WILL BE THE SAME SIDE. Zuk is a lost easier than it seems honestly, just don't be disheartened when you he claps your cheeks for 115 cuz you stepped out from the shield, its only <10 mins to get back to him Mark the tiles that are in the video, those will be the main tiles you use for reference on where/when to attack The 2 inner tiles on either side, you can attack with an rcb 1 more tile to the right of it and it be safe as long as you are still behind the shield HOWEVER if you attack on any other tile between either inner marked tile and the outer tile, you will get dragged out from the shield and zuk will most likely send you packing. RUBY bolts equipped Starting off, see which way the shield is going, it is random each attempt. Follow the shield to the correct side and do 1 attack on the inner marked tile - you can skip this hit and just follow the shield to the edge before you start attacking zuk From here on you should follow a simple cycle of doing 3 hits on the outer marked tile safe spot, 1 on the inner marked safespot, 1 attack in the middle somewhere (STAY BEHIND THE SHIELD), 1 attack on the opposite side inner marked tile, and then 3 attacks on the opposite side outer marked tile, often referred to as the 3-1-1-1-3 method. If this sounds complicated to you, it should be made very clear in the video. This hit cycle is not set in stone, you can skip hits when you need too, its simply for optimising your dps so its less likely you will run out of supplies. Once you have followed the shield across the room for the first time and then back again, the 1st set of mage and ranger minions will spawn Depending which side you start on determines which minion you will attack first. If your shield went left, you will be tagging the mage minion first and instantly putting on protect from mage If your shield went right, you will be tagging the range minion first, depending on your skill set you can do some different things. 1. You can put on pray mage as soon as you see them spawn and tag the far mager then the ranger 2. Pray mage and attack ranger minion first then mager (inadvisable) 3. For more adept gamers, put on range pray, tag ranger then mager, take 1/2 hits from ranger with range prayer on before swapping to mage prayer and then tanking all following range minion hits It is optional if you want to equip your tank armour so the range might hit you less This is the most rng part of inferno as you are essentially tanking the range minion whilst trying to kill it before it kills you - its max hit should be 46 if its the same as os, i've never checked, it can certainly mid 40's meaning it can 2 hit you if you are not above 99 hp So essentially, pray mage - tag mager - tag ranger - STAY BEHIND THE SHIELD and continue to attack the ranger until it is dead - sip brews when needed and don't forget to restore your stats Once ranger is dead, leave the mage alone for a while or bring it down to 20%~ hp Continue attacking in the 3-1-1-1-3 pattern until zuk is 45% hp - now bring the mage down to 20% hp if you have not already. Bring zuk down closer to 40% - be careful of ruby bolt specs At this point its best for beginners to kill the mager before pushing zuk down below 40% Once zuk goes below 40% he will spawn a jad, you will want to tag him immediately Diamond bolts equipped If the ranger is still not dead, kill it after you have tagged jad If you tagger jad fast enough, his 2nd attack since spawning will the first one to hit you - if mager is still alive, always pray correctly against jad, that means if he is doing a range attack, you pray against that and tank the mager attacks, the mage can hit very high but not as high as jad. Jad is the same as all other jads, a range and mage attack, and spawn 3 healers at 50% - except now you have move and attack while staying behind a tiny shield thats protecting you from zuk taking you to brown town. You attack this jad in the same pattern as zuk 3-1-1-1-3 Taggin the jad healers is the most tricky part, they are small and can be annoying to click on if you are a burger like myself and have terrible mouse accuracy It is viable to tag the healers once you reached the outer marked tiles so you have 3 attacks where you can stand still - this may mean jad gets healed to full. Once the healers are tagger, they may all be stuck behind jad or all 3 may be following you as you stay behind the shield, it is best to ignore them, as you are moving, they don't attack you very often, sip brews if they bring you low but keep focusing until he is dead Now turn your attention back to zuk Zuk will spawn healers at just under <19% ish so do not attack him down to below that on your first cape This is because when you kill the mager minion (so both are dead) from the first set, a 3 minute timer is started for another set to spawn They will typically spawn soon after you have killed jad if you take a while to kill him You deal with this set the same as the first, tag both, pray mage and kill the ranger. If you survive this, brew back up to full, restore your stats, range pot up, leave the mager alive whilst praying mage and get ready to push zuk past 19% and spawn his healers These healers are an utter bitch, for your first cape, I would absolutely advise only tagging and killing them 1 by 1, if you try to do more than that, you will probably get fucked. Kill the 1 by 1, preferably starting with the healer the furthest away, sip brews to heal and restore you stats. The healers are however, way less potent that OS healers, they wont heal zuk up that quickly worst case scenario realistically is zuk will be 70% hp Once healers are dead, it's time to turn back to zuk, keep attacking in the 3-1-1-1-3 pattern until his bitch ass is dead and you don't have to wear a cape made of molten cheese anymore, congratulations. If you run out of supplies, unlucky kiddo, try again, you will get better at it and have more supplies for the final stretch Using an msb to deal with tagging healers quicker as well as killing zuk healers is not necassary at all, if you are doing your first cape, just stick with your RCB, changing weapons an ammo all the time will only confuse you and cause you to die. TL;DR 1. Stay behind the shield at all times, do not greed hits when learning, it will get you killed. 2. Attack zuk in the 3-1-1-1-3 pattern 3. Tag both mage and ranger from 1st set and kill the ranger 4. Bring zuk down to 45% then bring mager down to <20% 5. Bring zuk down to just above 40%, kill mager 6. Bring zuk below 40% to spawn jad 7. Kill jad, tag his healers when they spawn 8. Bring zuk down to 22% if you have time before next mage and ranger spawn 9. Tag both mage and ranger, kill ranger 10. Bring zuk below 19% to spawn his healers 11. Tag and kill them 1 by 1 12. Attack zuk until he is dead Decently smooth, fast budget gear cape : Mid level gear with Bp - 1 set of mager/ranger only: Additional notes for the bp run, not killing the mager is only for a 1 minute time save, would not recommend for 1st time caper at all. I chanced a melee hit during triple jads by being dragged in to tag a healer, watch out for that. And yes, it is impossible to flick the mager and jad in some situations due to how prayers work on this server, you just need to have played this server enough that you have a good feel for when projectiles are actually going to hit you. I did indeed tank 3 mager hits, 2 for 0 and 1 for 14, what can i say, im a beast. This could have been 210 damage. It is a semi-rng tactic as you can eat up quite a bit if you take an unflickable 70 damage hit from the mager and you wil almost have enough hp to to tank another 70 if unflickable. You could bring combo food to make eating up above 70 easy You could also just tick eat the mager attack if you know you have to tank it
  13. gimp

    Few QOL

    1. i dont have anything against infinite buy limit - not sure what the reason was it was put in place 2. do you mean shit like the herb supplies from horvik at home? 3. zalcano is under boss tp if you didnt know - if you were suggesting move it from bosses to minigames - i am indifferent to which category its placed under
  14. other than if there is a technical issue no real reason not too - but you can always just make slayer presets with x amount of gp, low priority qol imo

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