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  1. Teams Name: Sloppy Seconds Leader: @Looting Bag Tiles completed: 25 Speadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1u8dERNLjHdADXIYXSOcO5Q4qaDBMF6oaIw5aZtrhgZg/edit?usp=sharing
  2. Basically this Like 3 thresholds is fine, ill take it but i still dont get why you are so against more thresholds at 3k KC you go to a 1/750 dr for most bosses at 6k KC you have only gone from a 1/750 to a 1/500 Lets take zily, assuming you have decent gear, you are prolly kill her at avg of 35 sec with a respawn time of 45? so 80 secs from start of kill to respawn, you can kill zily 45 times an hour. Thats 66 hours to do 3k KC excluding time spent banking, gearing and getting a task. Now you spend another 66 hours to get to 6k KC and your drop rate only gets an increase of 33% from 1/750 to 1/500 You very much deserve to continue getting a better chance at getting the pet with each 1k KC especially when the dimishing return on thresholds is so huge. I cant reason with any argument against a lot of thresholds (though i do think there should be a cap) when literally the 1st threshold reduces the drop rate by the combined amount (in terms of kills, not %, aka 1500 gets knocked off with 1st threshold) of all the thresholds that follow it until the pet is 3000/3000 I would like to see the cap at 10/3000 (so 9 thresholds) which would make it 1/300 which is more than fair if by some miracle someone manages to go 10k kc with the pet with threshold. And for the reason i stated above, there just isnt a reason to not add thresholds to that point as its just not going to happen realisiticly, its so mathmatically improbable its basically impossible. So its just a safety net that hopefully no one is ever unfortunate to use. Its highly doubtful anyone is going to need more than threshold 5 but i want the system there to help any poor soul that gets that unlucky to keep being rewarded.
  3. No idea what comments you are reading but none of them stated anything like this at all The majority of people were in agreement with adding multiple thresholds and those that didnt, did not want any form of threshold. ''while still keeping the rarity of them in tact'' + You're literally making this point for me lol 1. If no one is close to this high of KC on anyboss - its not a problem in terms of rarity as will only bring a handle of pets into the game. 2. If you think 1k is very dedicated for an RSPS and want to reward those players at that KC, why on earth would you be against further rewards people who double that amont of KC or triple 1k KC. ''Seems okay'' ''Nice'' ''Seems good'' ''they feel okay'' Thats only 4 people and calling that anything but mild support overall would be being generous. People were much more supportive in the previous thread which included multiple thresholds so i have no idea why its been stripped for this post without any conversation or any direct suggestion from players to do so. We are talking about this one specific feature from RS3 (which isnt even unique to rs3), OSRS players opinions on RS3 content and systems are irrelevant to this threshold system on this RSPS as the playerbase is different, they do want things easier and if you really want to drag the OSRS playerbase into this even that player base is becoming more and more divided between players wanting easier content and hardliners sticking to wanting a very grindy game. I am not even sure why you are trying to make this an point, not a single comment has been along the lines of ''ew rs3 shit, no i dont want it''. They have simply said no they dont like it, or no they dont want pets to become easier to get. There has been no one commenting that adding a system similar to RS3 is a slipper slope to adding more and more RS3 content and systems that make the game easier. Thats entirely of your own fabrication which is even futher emphasized by you saying ''that's why i think this alteration in how the system is implemented is even better'' - this is clearly just an opinion you yourself hold and is in no way reflective of comments on the 2 previous threads about thresholds. Specifically ''how the system is implemented is even better'' is an even more laughable statement to make considering the feedback from the first thread was vastly more positive than this current one. Because its about why its being added that it doesnt make any sense to only have 1 threshold and then not reward and thousands of KC after that. Its being added because; Aagain, your own words. Which i also have to again question the choice of the word ''small'' - Amatsukaze was the only in either thread to express that whilst he wanted a threshold system he wanted it to be a small one. Everyone else who wanted it, again, was very much in favour of multiple threshold. I really cant understand how you yourself can say cutting the drop rate in half at 1k kc is fine as that rewards dedicated players and yet think its fine that at double the 1st threshold where you get a 50% drop rate increase, you only then recieve a 25% boost of that. Which when you put it into a percentage boost going off of base rate, is only a futher 16.6% drop rate bonus In other words, you get to 1k KC, get a 50% dr bonus, then do another 1000 kills and get a 16.6% addition drop rate bonus for a total of 66.6%. In what fucking world can you justify that, its completely moronic to do so. HEY GUYS WE WANT TO REWARD YOUR DEDICATION TO THIS BOSS BY CUTTING THE DROP IN HALF WHEN YOU GET TO 33% OF THE DROP RATE OF THE PET - BUT SORRY WE DONT THINK ITS FAIR TO REWARD YOU WITH ANOTHER MUCH SMALLER CUT TO THE DROP RATE WHEN YOU GET TO 66% OF THE RATE FOR PET AND IT WOULD JUST MAKE IT TOO EASY IF WE DID THAT! HAHA! xD SMILEY FACE. Yeah, makes so much sense! Very good! Which leads me onto this ''since no one is even close to said thresholds'' so why is it even a problem to add what the threshold system should be in its entirety at once as the later threshold will hardly effect anything and then the players opinion of the system would be much more informed. Literally explained why already and it was also directly expressed by two people in a previous thread
  4. Thresholds do not make sense if there is only 1 threshold for each boss at 1k kc The whole point of thresholds is to make the chance of going dry on a pet less likely for those that are solely killing a boss for the pet. In other words, why should someone who has 5k kc giant mole kc still have the same chance per kill to get the pet as someone with One KC. This argument remains true without multiple thresholds Why should someone who has 1001 kc have the same chance at getting the pet as someone with 5k kc. It doesnt make any logical sense to add a threshold system with only 1 threshold. The whole reason for this to exist is to reward players who are more commited to a boss than others and make it more realistic for people to grind a boss with the goal of getting the pet. Why is the latter half of this sentence even in consideration Literally whats the problem with that occuring How many items from bosses would actually become more rare than a pet with multiple thresholds Ely from corp is about the only drop worth mentioning that this would happen for assuming someone is at FIVE THOUSAND KILLCOUNT and if we exclude jars as pet is same rate as basically every jar at the 1K threshold. Did anyone even actually put more than 2 seconds thought into this? Lets go through it shall we, whilst capping threshold at 5, a simple solution to avoid 100% pet that apparently escaped by staff. Kree'arra - 1/3000 pet - 5k kc > 5/3000 pet = 1/600 --- Rarest drop = GS shards at 1/500 0% DR. Graador - 1/3000 pet - 5k kc > 5/3000 pet = 1/600 --- Rarest drop = GS shards at 1/500 0% DR. Kril - 1/3000 pet - 5k kc > 5/3000 pet = 1/600 --- Rarest drop = GS shards at 1/500 0% DR. Zily - 1/3000 pet - 5k kc > 5/3000 pet = 1/600 --- Rarest drop = GS shards at 1/500 0% DR. Cerb - 1/3000 pet - 5k kc > 5/3000 pet = 1/600 --- Rarest drop = Peg crystal at 1/370 0% DR. KQ - 1/3000 pet - 2.5k kc > 5/3000 pet = 1/600 --- Rarest drop = Dragon 2H at 1/256 0% DR. DK Prime - 1/3000 pet - 5k kc > 5/3000 pet = 1/600 --- Rarest drop = Farseer helm/D axe/Elite clue at 1/128 0% DR. DK Supreme - 1/3000 pet - 5k kc > 5/3000 pet = 1/600 --- Rarest drop = Runite limbs at 1/178 0% DR. DK Rex - 1/3000 pet - 5k kc > 5/3000 pet = 1/600 --- Rarest drop = RoL/Rock shell plate/D axe/Elite clue at 1/128 0% DR. Hydra - 1/3000 pet - 3750 kc > 5/3000 pet = 1/600 --- Rarest drop (excluding seeds - irrelevant) = Hydra claw at 1/500 0% DR. Grot gargs - 1/3000 pet - 2.5k kc > 5/300 pet = 1/600 --- Rarest drop = Black tourmaline core at 1/250 0% DR. Kraken - 1/3000 pet - 5k kc > 5/3000 pet = 1/600 --- Rarest drop = Trident of the seas (full) at 1/512 0% DR. Thermy - 1/3000 pet - 5k kc > 5/3000 pet = 1/600 --- Rarest drop = Dragon chainbody at 1/1.5k 0% DR. Scorpia - 1/2000 pet - 5k kc > 5/2000 pet = 1/400 --- Rarest drop = Odium/malediction shard 3 at 1/256 0% DR. Vetion - 1/2000 pet - 5k kc > 5/2000 pet = 1/400 --- Rarest drop = Ring of the gods at 1/512 0% DR. Vene - 1/2000 pet - 5k kc > 5/2000 pet = 1/400 --- Rarest drop = Treasonous ring at 1/512 0% DR. Callisto - 1/2000 pet - 5k kc > 5/2000 pet = 1/400 --- Rarest drop = Tyrannical ring at 1/512 0% DR. KBD - 1/3000 pet - 5k kc > 5/3000 pet = 1/600 --- Rarest drop = Dragon pickaxe at 1/1350 0% DR. (Visage more rare than pet at base rate.) Zalcano - 1/1850 - 2.5kkc > 5/1850 pet = 1/370 --- Rarest drop = Zalcano shard at 1/600 0% DR. (Onyx more rare than pet at base rate.) Giant mole - 1/3000 pet - 5k kc > 5/3000 pet = 1/600 --- Rarest drop = iron arrows at 1/150 0% DR. Zulrah - 1/4000 pet - 5k kc > 5/4000 pet = 1/800 --- Rarest drop = Onyx/Tanz&magic fang/serp at 1/350 0% DR. Corp - 1/5000 pet - 2.5k kc > 5/5000 pet = 1/1000 --- Rarest drop = Ely at 1/3250 (spectral and arcane are barely more rare than pet a 5/5k) Vorkath - 1/3000 pet - 5k kc > 5/3000 pet = 1/600 --- Rarest drop = Viasages at 1/2000 Nightmare - 1/1600 pet - 2.5k kc > 5/1600 = 1/320 --- Rarest drop = Harm orb at 1/315 0% DR. So as you can see, even when you have 5 rolls on a pet per kill after killing the same boss 5000 times, for the majority of bosses it is still the rarest item (excluding jars). AND thats assuming you have 0% drop rate which is also why thresholds are being put into the game instead of DR affecting pet chance. 15 bosses the pet would still be the most rare item at 5 pet rolls per kill 8 bosses the pet would be more common that most rare item at 5 pet rolls per kill and of those 8 bosses, only 3 drops are useful. I honestly dont know why it was even a concern in the first place. Why would it matter that someones chance to get a 1 time cosmetic pet would be lower than boss uniques if thresholds kept going and that person has gotten to 5k kc, which isnt even the case for almost 2/3rds of threshold bosses. In summary Multiple threshold for every single boss capped a 5 Doesnt make any fucking sense to add it otherwise.
  5. https://oldschoolrsps.com/pvm-hiscore for anyone thinking this actually changes that much server has been out nearly 5 months and only a few bosses have someone at 1k+ kc which would be the general threshold to gain increased pet chance it wont change the amount of pets in really any noticeable way but its so nice for people who want to spend hundreds of hours farming for all pvm pets
  6. Coll log very bugged rn, forgets shit you have gotten and wil then fix itself like a month later - shouldnt be touched until thats fixed Dont mind dupe number, dont think its necessary either though Dont care for the inferno practice run, its already only 3 waves, but if you are making it cost 1m per run, sure, the more gold sinks the better. No to the skill pet shit, clogs up chat so much - also wouldnt make sense to have that for skilling pets and not pvm pets. Simply adding the tools to ironmeme store feels lazy, can add them in more unique ways, e.g. shop npc in wc guild meaning you need to get 60 wc to get into the guild and access the shop. X amount of nuggets to purchase a perk at prospector percy to unlock tools in his store, stuff like that. Bonecrusher is whatever, having that option doesnt hurt anything, go for it Bone crusher and herb sack are fine to go in ;;store Ecu keys seem very pointless to me as your gwd KC stays forever on here Dont see the point in the key halfs from barrows chest, feels very random and out of place Yes to the gp from bank for slayer tasks, seen this one suggested so many times and adding it doesnt change anything, people are just lazy aapparently No to the lockpicks, you can get them from the safes @ rogues den next to grace as well as imps No to that donor perk, we need all the gp sinks we can get The killstreak thing @Deluxe worked on for indova, something like that was added, should be easy to add for here?
  7. gimp


    Dragon pickaxe being rare is a good thing, makes people actualy go to wildy. In comparrison, d axe on os is 34k, d pick is 4.8m. D harpoon is actually easy to get, just not a lot of people do wyrms. So no, dont add those to a shop, ruins the only real profit you can make from doing wildy bosses. I am indifferent to bronze>rune tools being added to shops as like you said, they can be bought on OS from shops. Can lock them behind levels in certain places, e.g. the dude in the wc guild that sells axes on OS, can add him to wc guild here which would require lvl 60 wc to get in, at which point you could then buy a rune axe. Dont know if there is a lvl req for mlm on here, but either way, could add an unlock at percy for 100 nuggets that would then add rune picks and below to his shop. might feel a bit redundant on here cuz of super high xp rates where you cut like 1 inv of logs on x150 and you're 50 wc but what ever.
  8. so what did staff not like about the achievement list looting bag suggested, just the uniques from cox/tob/soa? @Izay
  9. thats what im asking, what specifically was the feedback about the indova achievements @Izay

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