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  1. Try: Delete .oldschool folder Download new client Maybe it's actual launcher problem & not cache. Not really sure what else can u guys try
  2. Is there really that Is there really that much cash on the server that we need a sink? I play here only 1d(playtime) so don't really know how much cash is generated here since the start.
  3. What's easier? Get 30 Slay Pt or 100K? Of course 100K. I doubt anyone cancels with points. All i'm gonna say, i think this feature should be added at least to higher tier donator ranks as a nice perk.
  4. Hello At the moment we have a system that let's you to cancel slayer task for 100k gp. And i'm not big fan of it, Let's say i wanna grind out abyssal head with slayer So i will cancel all my task with cash until i get demon task, ( I am Ironman) So cash doesn't have much value for me. Since i got demons extended, i gonna get the more, so my reward will around 1.5m+ cash So pretty much i can keep on canceling all tasks until i get task that i wanted. Slayer should be: "Don't like it, use points", but canceling with cash kind of destroys the joy of a slayer(IMO), knowing i can easily cancel it. We should keep the cancellation with points only to make it more challenging of getting a task that we want. Just my 2cents.

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