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  1. Love the goals being bring content to newer players. I didn’t quite see it mentioned but will it be a fresh reset for everyone on completions or will my progress be retroactively recorded in new diary etc. also, will the current diary Armour in my bank be removed or just inactive until I recomplete?
  2. I’ll dance and speak at your wedding. If asked. BillCosby
  3. As a current full graceful owner this wouldn’t be crazy. Or change mark rates for the different xp modes.
  4. IGN: BillCosby I started Indova about 2 years ago and loved the server. I feel like I should win cause I'm a hard working dad who finds as much time as I can to play a game I love. I love answering new guys questions in Help CC. Thanks. BC
  5. 1k points for the recolour when the full set is 260. Suggestion: make it cost what it originally costed (uncolored) for color switch.

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