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    As per the protocols of Jagex, we designed a contract with the osrs youtuber whereby after a period of 5 days the video could be unlisted. In that time, over 5000 views were on this video, and the osrs youtuber is BoomEpicKill In regards to your 2nd paragraph, what you have assumed is correct! Thanks!
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    @Google, this post sums it up well. Just to clarify, my position is as manager of advertisements. This is being done to a high standard. More youtubers are releasing videos, more giveaways are being done and ultimately more players are joining. There is no coincidence that the playercount has stayed the same and in some timezones increased. Normally most RSPS experience a reduction in playerbase after it releasing, we have been released for 6 months with no let up.
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    Hey guys, Just over a month has passed since I was promoted to the position of community manager. In this time, a LOT has happened. This thread will go over the previous roadmap, and further detail what we can look forward to in the future! Previous Roadmap In the previous month, a lot has happened! 1. Over 5 youtubers hired including an OSRS youtuber with over 70k subs, resulting in over 15 videos being made, ensuring a consistently high player base 2. Updated QoL to the forums, including the installation of a new theme and hooks. 3. The announcement of a major wilderness event in ‘Bloodthirst’. This will commence at a later date than originally thought, as we try and execute the logistics in game 4. Wilderness initiative rank being created, the players that are successful are in the process of receiving feedback. 5. In contact with numerous PK clans over the above competition. And a lot lot more… Future Roadmap In order to ensure constant success, here are SOME of my plans for the following month: 1. Utilising data analysis [ROI] to target youtubers that are doing well for us, ensuring they continue. 2. Creating a detailed plan with the wilderness initiative team of changes that could be made that would be pivotal for the regeneration of wilderness before the pending competition 3. Working with Tom to perfect the logistics of the tournament, with talks including an ELO system, and other recommendations. 4. Continue to engage with the community, making their voice the loudest I’d like to thank the players; their continuous support ensures that OS-RSPS continues to thrive everyday!
  4. As we gear up for the start of the Bloodthirst competition, it would only be right to open up applications for the 'Wilderness Initiative' rank. As previously mentioned, the rank will come with a few duties, mainly to do with wilderness related ideas and providing assistance with staff in the wilderness. In order to be eligible to apply for this rank, please look at the following: - A game time of more than 24 hours - A player who likes to PK and actively looks for improvement and changes - Enthuisiasm to make change and be readily available for the bloodthirst tournament in a few weeks/month In order to apply, please follow this application thread, and apply by replying below: In-game name: Why are you interested in the rank: What do you think you could offer:
  5. We are planning on providing winners with a winners cape, or something of that sort. Thanks for the comment! This will remain a group pvp contest for now. However, you do still get points for killing players 1 v 1. Also if there bounty is high, it will provide your team with more points! Thank you!
  6. After months of concurrent players, it’s time to up our wilderness activity. This will begin with the introduction of bloodthirst. This will begin at the start of the next month and will run for about 15 days. The winning clan, and those that participate will be given rewards to thank them for their participation. Currently, this is how the event will be played out: • A few weeks before commencement, clans will be given the option to sign up for the competition. This will be run with groups of 10 players. • Once this has commenced, clans will be placed in a leader board, and will earn points, making up their placement. An example of a PPK [points per kill] will be made up of the killstreak the player has when killed, the wilderness lvl they were killed at, and their combat lvl. • PKP farming is strictly banned. Any inkling of this will be dealt with swiftly, including the docking of points to being completely removed. To ensure this process is carried out to its fullest potential, players will be allowed to apply to be a part of the ‘wilderness initiative’. This rank will require suggestions, and general help to ensure the wilderness operates in an engaging and comprehensive manner. A separate sub forum will be made to handle these applications, accompanied by a pinned thread with the requirements we are looking for! During this month, we promise a number of PvP events alongside our pre-existing events to ensure all players are satisfied. The wilderness initiative will formulate many of these events. A breakdown of the winners’ rewards is as followed. Our current rewards are as followed: 1. 750m + 3 custom item each [tbd] 2. 200m + 2 custom items each [tbd] 3. 50m + 1 custom item each [tbd]
  7. Not sure what else to say. Its merely an incentive to increase forum activity. That is a good idea, I will see if its possible. The best of both worlds! Appreciate the feedback. When I was introduced to the server, my sole focus was to create an Ad campaign, which is in the works. We have invested a lot into a number of different streams that will ensure we continue to prosper. The main focus of any game is to have activity AND engagement in EVERY aspect. While your statement has validity in attributing the importance of discord, the first thing a player sees when joining is the forum. The second thing they see is the discord. The forum acts as a base, the discord more so a tool for speaking to players. In regards to your 2nd paragraph, the community is being listened to, and will continue to be! If there is anything you are unpleased with, please make a suggestion or alternatively PM me! Your last paragraph is what we all want, however community related events are being hosted by Tom for the forseeable future. It is not that I don't want to do these great events, but Tom specifically told me he has this covered until otherwise said, and I think he's doing a great job! Thanks, I agree!
  8. Hey guys, We are so happy to announce the addition of a new forum theme. We feel as though this gives a perfect blend between being smart yet appeasing. The old forums felt outdated, but for whomever would still like to use that theme, you can do so by choosing theme [bottom right] and then your most favourable one. The theme itself is 80% done, we would also like to add custom fonts as a standard for higher tier donators, which will be done soon! When I joined the server I promised to listen to the players. So the first poll I would like to do is to ask the players of the server if they would rather their own profile pictures [currently in place] or a post-count system whereby the more you post, the higher your emblem. For example, if you get 50 posts, you would be awarded with the KBD emblem. We would follow a key such as this: Aside from this, we have been actively looking to grow this already strong community. In the next few weeks a number of familiar youtubers will be making videos for the server, helping to showcase our unique features! Thanks once again guys!
  9. loving this thread!
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    Thanks for this!
  11. We will be of course adding what we think is right, and in line with the direction of the server. But if you feel as though there is something that should be implemented, make a poll under the respective section. If this poll is approved by 75%+ of members, we will look into it and perhaps add it. OF course silly suggestions will be removed, as well as proxy voting.

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