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  1. @Tom Delongeenjoy your $50 bond every month brother
  2. Nick


    I'm just saying it's very confusing and unfriendly especially for new players. I've seen twice in the last week or so I've been playing again where a new player has died in a instance and thought they lost their untradable items because when they went back to Zul-Andra or where ever it may have been to reclaim their items the untradables were't there. I'm not sure how you keep Perdu useful that's on you to figure out but how it's currently setup in mine and I'm sure many others opinion it's bad qol. edit: Maybe for Perdu you can give him option to "enchant" untradable items for a hefty price and you can keep them on death when you die inside the wilderness. If you die in the wilderness with a untradable it gets turned into broken version similar to how OSRS does it. Then you can use the item on Perdu to repair them. https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Death#Breakable_Items edit2: You can have perdu sell this item https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Trouver_parchment and use it with what I suggested above.
  3. Nick


    it really has nothing to do with the money. it's the fact that you have to go to 2 different places to recover your items. if you're really worried about a gold sink (which i think is a extremely lazy and lame excuse/response to this) then just up the prices of the instance buy back. edit:spelling
  4. Nick

    hi im nick

    hi im nick nice to meet you all. i like this server. nice staff team. some are little weird but thats okay. owner tom is quite cute and listen to what community wants. umm haha if you ever see me online message me. lmao rofl.
  5. I enjoy the video except the part where you went from whispering to literally yelling. Fix that and you've got a sub.
  6. Nick

    Small Suggestions

    I like the idea of WOGW being added back as a gold sink. +1
  7. I don't like the idea of 2x slayer point event because let's be real how many task could you complete in that hour? Also I don't think it's too hard to farm points by doing 9 turael task and 10th task at Krystilia or Duradel. PVM Points are already easy enough to farm so would rather have any current event except the combat events than it. Skilling Points are also already easy to farm so double points wouldn't feel too good either. I do like the Pet Chance event though but it would sorta affect the Pet Rate scroll in donator shop which already has limited things to spend points on. So I have to say no because of that reason.
  8. You just need to learn how to kill it. Try watching a video or just keep practicing. Here are two videos to try and help you out.
  9. i support. stay out of my drinks.
  10. worked fine for me.
  11. Fixed bug where anti-bot script would sometimes show less than 4 digits leading to an inevitable failed attempt

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