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  1. I figured my rng was off until I heard one guy had 3 Torags helms and Guthans -legs then someone else chimed in they had Guthans -legs must just be coincidence
  2. I think that it would create a competitive environment to introduce highscores perks/rewards on total level/exp for total awards are given for the person in first second and third at the end of every month. Would create a market for people fighting over top scores and create a lot more content for people who have maxed. ex. 1x Total 1St - 50$ bond 2nd - 25$ Bond 3rd - 10$ bond 5x total 1st - 40$ bonds 2nd - 20$ bonds 3rd- 10$ bonds 15x total 1st - 25$ bonds 2nd - 10$ bonds 3rd - 5$ bonds 150x not real anyways
  3. Rules 1.) The only content that can be accessed out of wilderness is things that cannot be accessed from wilderness such as A.) Skills that cannot be trained in wilderness from start but can be at a later point (Agility/fishing/Rc/thieivng/ once the first requirement has been met that a wilderness task may be preformed future training MUST be done in wilderness. example : Gnome agility course/rooftops until requirement for wilderness course. B. Certain essential items may be gotten aka if their is no option to train range because nothing drops bow strings, getting the bow string would be allowed but the bow must be crafted from wilderness (unstrung bow from wilderness trees) 2.) The player who receives the kill on the account receives all of the valuables on the account (if you see me at a low level i suggest leaving me alone untill bank is grown but do what you must :3 ) 3.) ONE out of wilderness activity is allowed and may choose from the following A. Farming B. Dagganoth kings C. Fight caves D. Barrows 4.) QOL improvements - Gear is hard to get in wilderness the following is also allowed - Halo Affinity shop Pvm Store Skilling store Slayer store I will be going with barrows on my first attempt. Feel free to participate if you think this challenge may be fun, will be posting progress pictures as time goes on happy hunting me. edit: Please give any suggestions/changes I should make to make it more intresting few days of dipping and dodging
  4. Do certain items have a higher chance vs others or is my luck just complete trash with the duplicates
  5. This clan will be for Blood thirst. If we continue afterwards it will be based on how much activity we have. Proceeds will be split amoung members looking for around 10 people with pking experience My name is Extreme Noob, I have years of multi/single experience. I have been with many clans such as the notorious Reign of Terror, Divine Forces and Downfall. I have what it takes take a group to #1 for Bloodthirst. I have been a part of 4 DMM champion ships that we have won(I did not have a leadership rank in Reign of Terror, I was only a member before retiring in 2018). But from those experiences I did learn alot. I will now start the recruiting of my team, I would prefer nobody post on this topic to keep any idea of other teams the progress we are making. If you have an interest in making alot of $$$$ from Bloodthirst, please pm my iron man "Extreme noob" PS: If your in a rival team that has already been creating and looking for $$$$$$ with no chance of you getting caught from spying (this will stay between us) Take home 50m for a hit on your team. Pm me Extreme Noob. This is a pking team, and multi-clanning is allowed if you are part of an ironman community
  6. What team will walk away with the $$$?

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