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  1. Great update tom! Keep up the good work!
  2. it would be nice to have an ability basically like the slayer helm but with skilling outfits, where we can imbue each skilling set's head piece to gain affinity while skilling. since we can't use the full set with the halo on we are missing out on 9% (4% from hat and 5% bonus from full skilling outfit) of bonus exp from the set.
  3. alex

    Plank make spell

    sweet! thank you!
  4. alex

    Plank make spell

    i know theres a bank right next to sawmill, but plank make could have a lower cost depending on the donator tier you are.
  5. Good update! Keep up the great work!
  6. this would be a great QoL update. +1
  7. alex

    Few QOL

    +1 to infinite buy limit.
  8. alex


    support for the block raids before updates.
  9. good progress so far! im jealous of that BCP tho haha, good luck! hopefully we can do some raids together sometime soon!
  10. will be checking back in on the post to see how its going! good luck!
  11. i came from indova, 'Dissiapting' and 'I Bot' were my two main accounts

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