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  1. We are almost half way through October and have not heard any word on a Halloween event. I have a few suggestions in mind such as; adding the Grim Reaper npc with some sort of reward system. Maybe he could give you tasks that reward you with Halloween tickets. Tickets that you exchange to him for cool Halloween items, such as Halloween masks! Also add a few custom items such as a Halloween dye, changes the color of Ancestral and other items. The tasks he gives out could include pvming and skilling, also maybe he sends you to retrieve pumpkins from somewhere, idk just trying to be creative. Would hate to see the event turn into just questing or something boring. My next topic is a custom boss, now I know this isn't a custom server, but it could be cool to see something new like that(obviously would go away after Halloween). The boss could be on a 2-3 hour timer before it would respawn, so any time zone would get a chance to kill it. Initially the boss would drop the same tickets you would receive for doing the tasks as mentioned above. Damage could have a factor of the tickets you receive from it, or you would just receive the same amount every kill. I Would appreciate the staff team to really take their time and talk about this suggestion(not just shut it down like everything else). A lot of players within the server would like to see an event. Thanks, Shady

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