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  1. option 2, heavily recommend the first threshold being quite low like tato suggested, but being balanced with it having a smaller reduction of the rate instead of the starting theshold being a high KC or equal to the bosses pet rate but then having a large reduction in rarity to make up for the first threshold being high. Example; I prefer a 1-3000 snakeling to have the first threshold at 1000 kc but the rate be reduced from 1-3000 to 1-2700, incomparion to; a 1-3000 snakeling to have the first threshold at 3000 kc but the rate be reduced from 1-3000 to 1-2100. Should equally have the same effect just the starting threshold is lower but less impactful, i find this more motivating and should not make the pet more common than a starting threshold of 3000. Another main reason for option 2 is for certain pets like corp and nightmare, they take 10+x longer than most other pets due to the kill time and i feel like they should be balanced accordingly having a lower threshold, it should still take longer to get than other pets but i feel like 1-5k corp taking minutes to kill should be balanced appropriately to make it a realistic grindable pet, and hopefully has many thresholds u will go through on the way to it.
  2. great suggestion, i think people don't realize that the numbers are very flexible, the required KC per threshold, the starting KC for the first threshold, how much impact each threshold has, that aside the system is a great motivator for people who are persistent, it will add consistency to the average rates people get them, and should hopefully reduce the amount of people who go several times over. And as others have said that there's a good chance most players wont ever have a boss KC that even qualifies for even the first threshold, and people who say they want pets to stay very rare don't understand that pets would still be almost exactly the same rarity, most players would never even reach the first threshold and those who do have a better chance at the pet, aslong as they continue to kill the same boss. It's overall a very exciting, motivating, unique to private servers and consistent suggestion, 100% agree, i recommend that this idea be accepted and then further polling on 3 conditions, 1. What is the first KC threshold of each boss and should this threshold be balanced to match each bosses kill times or other varaibles, 2. What are the increments of threshold should the starting threshold be say 3000 KC then additional thresholds are obtained every 1000 KC, 3. How much impact does each threshold add, does this scale linearly, would it work muplicatively, would a 1-3000 become 1-2700 at the first threshold then that 1-2700 become 1-2430 at threshold 2 or would it be 1-2400 inline with the original kc 10% reduction etc, the numbers are VERY flexible and allow for complete balancing, conceptually amazing full support. edit: making pet hunting more motivating will keep long term players around longer after they've already done big goals like completing raids and comp cape etc, or people who don't want to skill max as 1x etc but would rather hunt boss pets instead, server longetivity can benefit from an update like this, consider it.

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