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The Gauntlet - Khopesh Changes - QoL - Bug Fixes

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Tom    338

Hello everyone,


Tonight's patch consists of a new minigame: The Gauntlet. This minigame is not beginner friendly and requires some level of effort to actually complete. Along with this feature, we are also adding some extra steps to gaining the BIS stats of Aphek's khopesh.


This patch requires a client update for some visual changes. Be sure to restart your client for it to be updated.


  • The Gauntlet has been added
    • Two modes available: Normal and Corrupted.
    • Only need to defeat the Hunllef (boss).
    • Non-safe death for HCI with the caveat that HCI with under 15 Normal Gauntlet runs will not lose their status on death.
    • Can teleport within the instance.
    • As you damage/defeat the boss, you will gain points. These points can be used to upgrade the gear you start with on every Gauntlet run, or can be used to upgrade/buy items from Bryn in the lobby area.
      • Deal 25% damage to Hunllef: 2 points (Normal) - 5 points (Corrupted)
      • Deal 50% damage to Hunllef: 2 points (Normal) - 5 points (Corrupted)
      • Deal 75% damage to Hunleff: 2 points (Normal) - 5 points (Corrupted)
      • Defeat the Hunllef: 4 points (Normal) - 10 points (Corrupted)
      • These points are incremented by 1 if you have an XP rate of 5 or below
    • Start with default gear/supplies (T1 weapons, 10 food, 1 potion). Can use the Tool storage in the middle of the room to upgrade the gear and start with more supplies (food/pots).
    • By defeating the Hunllef you will also be given the chance to loot the chest in the Gauntlet lobby. The table can be found here: https://pastebin.com/4sEhwzet
    • Upgrades from Bryn require the Crystal item equivalent and will provide infinite charges to said item. They also require gauntlet points to upgrade.
    • Next update there will be a Completionist cape requirement of completing 200 Gauntlet runs.
  • Aphek's khopesh has been turned into Aphek's khopesh (u). This is a nerfed version of the normal khopesh.
    • By using an Inquisitor's mace on the khopesh (u) you can create an Aphek's khopesh (m).
    • By using a Blade of Saeldor on the khopesh (u) you can create an Aphek's khopesh (b).
    • By using the blade on khopesh (m) or mace on khopesh (b) you can create the normal Aphek's khopesh.
  • Added Cape of skulls and Rain bow items to Easy clue scroll rewards
  • Bird houses now give tree seed bird nests instead of empty ones.
  • Can now use "Empty" option on Rune pouch within the bank.
  • Can now pickpocket master farmer in Farming guild.
  • Plank make spell is now automated on selected plank in inventory.
  • Jewellery enchant spell is now automated on selected jewellery in inventory.
  • Can now use smouldering stone or regular tools on their infernal tool variant to recharge.
  • You can now sell items from the Blood money store to Sigmund.
  • Removed unreachable gold ore rock in Donator zone.
  • Added missing rock in Enchanted valley area.
  • 3rd age rewards from the Mimic are now broadcasted.
  • Can now request an easier contract from the Farming guild.
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