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Skill XP Cap Increase - QoL - Bug Fixes

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Tom    338

Hello everyone,


Couple bug fixes and QoL for today's patch.


  • Max XP in all skills increased from 200m to 1000m (1b).
  • Buffed Zalcano Crystal tool seed drop rate. 1/100 >>> 1/75.
    • MVP now has 2 rolls for the Crystal tool seed.
  • Amulet of blood fury and Amulet of blood torture now have a proc graphic on the target.
  • Aphek's khopesh (u) Strength bonus buffed. +70 >>> +89
  • Ancestral color kit drop rate buffed in Chambers of Xeric: Challenge Mode. 1/50 >>> 1/20.
  • Blade of Saeldor (c) drop rate buffed in Corrupted Gauntlet. 1/2000 >>> 1/500.
  • Added bridge and climbing stones near the Soul Altar for faster access.
  • Added adamant gloves drop to Paladins.
  • Nerfed Vasa stat scaling in Chambers of Xeric.
  • Fixed bug with Collection Log sometimes not showing the correct amount of items you have logged.
  • Fixed Green Thumb perk not giving correct XP within the Farming Guild.
  • Servant should no longer give players dwarf remains when taking logs to the sawmill.
  • Servant now spawns next to player when entering house to avoid it becoming stuck in furniture.
  • Tagged the following monsters as demons allowing demonbane weapons to work on them (such as Arclight):
    • Cerberus
    • Flaming pyrelord
    • Porazdir
    • Icefiend
    • Waterfiend
    • Pyrefiend
    • Imp
  • Allowed the following items to be sacrificed in Well:
    • Blade of Saeldor (c): 1000 points
    • Boss Jars: 420 points
    • Steam battlestaff: 150 points

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