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UIM Tips & Tricks (unfinished)

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Bag    42

Here will be some guides, tips & tricks to help you along your game mode if you are Ultimate Ironman. 

This will be constantly updated as I remember as much as I can from my experiences with 50+ days of UIM.


1. Looting Bag/Storage


- You can obtain a looting bag from killing any NPC in the wilderness or you can purchase from the BM store (not worth it IMO)


- You can use your looting bag in the wilderness to store and to withdraw items from.
(In OSRS, you can only store and have to suicide to obtain everything. Here, you don't need to suicide for that)


- You can suicide at  instanced Zulrah & instanced DKs to get an empty inventory to help with certain skilling (Crafting, Herblore, Mining, Construction, etc). Anything that you need an empty inventory for. When you suicide at these bosses in the instances, you will have to pay 250,000gp to obtain your items back, everything that was in your bag will still be in your bag.
(I heard there is a storage method for COX but I've yet to use that but when I do I will update this section about that)


- When you are 45 Farming, you can use the Seed Vault to store your seeds so you don't need to have a Seed Box or waste inventory space for your seeds.


2. POH Storage


- It's always good to have a costume room in your POH with everything maxed out in that room so you can store as much as you want in there. It's good for certain armours, skilling sets, capes, clue items, etc.



3. Beginner Gear


If you want some good starter gear for Slayer here are some good NPCs to kill for some armour/weapons



Dragon scimitar.png Rune full helmRune platebodyRune platelegsRune kiteshield Dragon Scimitar/ Rune Armour Pieces = Greater Demons (safespot at catacombs with Magic)


Mage's book.pngMaster wand.pngInfinity boots.png Mage's Book / Infinity Pieces / Master Wand = Battle Mages @ Mage Arena Wilderness (only Magic can be used there and it's good to go early-game so if you die you don't lose much, it's hard for PKers to PK there because they are aggressive)


Ancient staff.pngEnchanted top.pngEnchanted robe.pngAncient Staff / Enchanted Robes = Infernal Mages @ Slayer Tower (this is for if you don't wanna risk your items in the Wilderness at the Battle Mages for the gear above)



4. Money Making


The best way to make money for Ultimate Ironmen is doing Skilling tasks, Slayer tasks, Thieving.


- Skilling Tasks can be started at the SkillsMaster in the building north of Home

- You can skip tasks free of charge to find the perfect one for you and you can also repeat your previous task as many times as you want.


- Slayer tasks provide a great amount of gold the higher your level is and the better Slayer master you use. You can also buy a perk from the Slayer Master to receive bonus gold per task.


- Thieving is a great method of income, there are stalls south of home that you can steal from and sell to the NPC nearby for gold, but the best money comes in with 80 Thieving, if you can obtain the full rogue's armour set you will receive double GP.
80 Thieving with Rogue's armour set will provide 4,000gp per pickpocket @ Heroes in Ardougne


5. Skilling Methods



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adam    5

Great start to the guide mate! If you need someone to talk you through the CoX storage method let me know on disc and I’ll tell you if you don’t already know ofc 🙂 


keep us the amazing work man!

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Something I’d find super useful is what you do with certain items. What skilling supplies do you keep vs things you toss. 

also, a logical progression of gear if you’re maxed and wanna start bossing. IE after whip, trident, BP, then what is smart to get next. 

as a fellow UIM these are questions that I’ve always wondered.


love the guide gonna be HYUUGE! 

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Pils    0

I just started a HCUIM, this is great info!

I didn't think I could use a Looting Bag because I can't die, but I guess I can 🙂

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