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Yin Yang - HCUIM - QoL - Bug Fixes

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Tom    330

Hello everyone,


Today's patch consists of the brand new game modes: Yin-Yang and Hardcore Ultimate Ironman modes. We are also making core changes to our custom items, npcs, and objects (for example: Khufu npc, God whip items, Well of Sacrifice object). If there are any visual bugs with any custom item/npc/object, please report it on discord #bugs channel and I will fix ASAP.


  • Added Yin-Yang mode:
    • Ironman restrictions
    • Select a partner through "Invite" right-click option on other players
      • Must be < 200 total level to choose a new partner
      • When group is formed, the leader's (player who invited) stats will be split in half and invitee player will copy those split stats/XP
      • If partner leaves your group, they will lose all their XP and items. The leader will double their current group stats XP
    • All XP gained by either player in the group will be split between both players.
      • Even if one of them is offline, they will still receive the XP
    • While both group members are in the same area:
      • Any damage received to either will be split and shared with their partner
      • Most boss/npc killcounts will increase and shared with their partner (though partner will not have their broadcast every 100 kills, etc)
    • Members of a group can interact with one another (but no one else)
      • Trading
      • Duo slayer
    • Any item dropped by either of the members will show up instantly for the other (this includes npc drops)
      • Anyone outside of the group will never see their drops
    • Prison Pete near home can
      • Reset all stats for Yin-Yang players without a group
      • Allow you to leave your current group
  • Added Hardcore Ultimate Ironman
    • Same restrictions as both Hardcore Ironman and Ultimate Ironman
  • Attack speed for Hasta weapons changed from 5 ticks >>> 4 ticks
  • Attack speed for Mace weapons changed from 5 ticks >>> 4 ticks
  • Attack speed for Spear weapons changed from 6 ticks >>> 4 ticks
  • Fixed bug that reset Hitpoints when changing XP rate
  • Cancel interaction with npcs and objects if player is too far away
  • Framework for custom items, npcs, and objects has been reworked. If you notice any issue with custom content, please report it on Discord #bugs channel
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