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QoL- Bug Fixes

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Tom    330

Hello everyone,


Quick update to patch a couple of bugs


  • Changes to Yin-Yang
    • Allow group to attack superior slayer mobs spawned by their partner
    • XP loss death penalty now scales based on group's XP rate (https://i.imgur.com/GrUbxU6.png)
    • Fixed issue with loot piles being inconsistent/incorrect when on same tile
    • Fixed issue with Hitpoints XP conversion on Yin-Yang death
  • Added new Arceuus reanimation spell functionality
  • Added ability to pickpocket Tzhaar-Hur
  • Added ability to steal from the Shop counter (ore) and Shop counter (gem) located in Mor Ul Rek
  • Added Mythical cape and Mythical max cape to Perdu's Lost Property shop
  • Fixed issue where Graardor and Zilyana wouldn't use their magic attacks in their corresponding instanced room
  • Fixed issue that did not allow Completionist cape and Royal sceptre to be worn through inventory
  • Fixed issue where force running (ctrl + map click) would work even when player had 0 run energy
  • Fixed issue where run energy would start increasing as if not running while force running
  • Fixed issue where uncharging a full Trident of the seas wouldn't refund runes
  • Fixed Harmonised nightmare staff (i) unintended mechanics (50% damage multiplier should only be for its auto attack)
  • Reverted the pay-dirt change from last patch
  • Disabled ability to note Gravekeeper's sceptre in bank
  • Removed Slayer enchantment from drop broadcasts
  • Always drop Toxic staff of the dead on death (was an issue when fully charged)
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