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Corrupted Halberd - Amethyst Darts - QoL - Bug Fixes

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Tom    330

Hello everyone,


Some QoL additions and bug fixes for tonight's patch


  • Yin-yang changes
    • Sacrifice Well points and perk are now shared between partners
    • Charge 15m fee when changing XP rate (after initial free of charge change)
  • Added Corrupted halberd as reward in Gauntlet shop
    • 500 points & crystal halberd trade-in cost
    • Exact mechanics as crystal variant except with unlimited charges
  • Added Amethyst darts and dart tips
    • You can craft tips by using amethyst on a chisel
    • You can craft darts by using feather on the tips
  • Marked some items as deprecated denoted by the suffix (d) on the item. This means that the item will be replaced when you wield/wear it with a new version of the item that has a proper placeholder in the bank
    • Amulet of blood torture
    • Harmonised nightmare staff (i)
    • Brimstone ring (i)
    • Magma blowpipe (empty and charged)
    • All God whips
    • All Completionist capes
    • Corrupted pickaxe, axe, and harpoon
  • Added bank placeholder for the following
    • Dragonfire shields
    • Dragonfire ward shields
    • Ancient wyvern shields
  • Instance creation fee for the following will now take fee from bank if player does not have cash in inventory
    • Nightmare
    • Cerberus
    • God Wars Dungeon bosses
    • Catacombs (Abyssal, Nechryels, Dagannoths)
    • Kruk's dungeon
    • Lizard shamans
    • Corporeal Beast
  • Catacomb instances moved as an option from the dark Altar to the Sorceress
  • Skotizo dark Altar now has a "Claim" option to claim lost items within Skotizo instance
  • Label Haromised nightmare staff (i) as trident (attack styles, attack range, etc)
  • Valuable drop broadcasts now include noted variant of items
  • Fixed Magma blowpipe ignoring loaded dart ranged bonuses
  • Bludgeon pieces are now broadcast form Font of Consumption
  • Fixed Scorpion king cocoon eating animation
  • Added Insatiable mutated bloodveld superior spawn for Mutated bloodvelds within Catacombs of Kourend
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