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Donation Transfers - CoX Changes - QoL - Bug Fixes

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Tonight's patch consists of a lot of Chambers of Xeric changes as well as the ability to transfer your donations between your own accounts


  • Can now transfer donation amount between your accounts
    • Initiate the transfer by using ::transfer
    • Can only send and receive transfers a total of 3 times
      • In the near future we may add a bond in the Sacrifice Well and ;;store to allow for more transfers
    • You can choose how much of your donation amount you want to transfer
  • Chamber of Xeric changes
    • Dark relic added as a possible reward on same table as torn prayer scroll
    • Storage units
      • Added Massive storage unit
      • Added 2 x plank spawns near all storage unit hotspots
      • If you have previously built a storage unit in a hotspot, upgrading it will take into account the materials you've already spent
    • Boulder shortcut has been added to Scavenger rooms
    • Tekton now strictly drops
      • 2 x Overload(+)(4)
      • 1 x Revitalisation(+)(4)
      • 1 x Prayer enhance(+)(4)
    • Guardians now strictly drop
      • Guardian 1:
        • 1 x Overload(+)(4)
        • 1 x Revitalisation(+)(4)
      • Guardian 2:
        • 1 x Overload(+)(4)
        • 1 x Prayer enhance(+)(4)
    • Vasa
      • Glowing crystal base hitpoints decreased: 200 >>> 116
      • Fixed bug where Vasa remains attackable whilst healing from the crystal
    • Vespula
      • Increased Abyssal portal's magic level to 242
    • Ice demon
      • +50% increased damage on Ice demon when attacked by Fire spells, Flames of Zamorak, and Harmonised staff (i)'s auto attack
      • Fixed bug where you need an open inventory spot to receive kindling even if you already had them in your inventory
    • Tightrope
      • Scale ranger and mager stats based on party size (non Challenge-mode only)
    • Vanguards
      • Movement speed now faster when changing positions (Challenge-Mode only)
    • Thieving room
      • Cavern grubs are now stackable
      • Base points per grub decreased: 250 >>> 150
      • Reduced likelihood of poison chests
    • Olm
      • Fixed bug where OIm would periodically change empowerment in a single phase (i.e would be able to use deep burn even if he rose with the power of acid)
      • Fixed bug where doused flames would still cause damage if you stood on top of where the flame used to be
      • Portals will no longer teleport you inside the flame wall during solo runs
  • Increased attack range for Toxic blowpipe and Magma blowpipe: 5 >>> 6
  • Allow all game modes (used to only be for HCI) to instantly x-log while outside of the Wilderness
  • Fixed oversight that didn't allow Corrupted halberd to bypass Corporeal Beast's shield
  • Fixed issue causing double charge to be used on certain tridents
  • Fixed issue causing Yin-Yang to be able to pick up items they weren't supposed to
  • Removed distance check when being frozen by magic spells
  • Amethyst darts are now un-noteable
  • Client has been updated with the tab fix (to reply to pms)
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