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Monthly Event: The Pet Hunter

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Dear players of OSPS, 


First of all, a big thank you for sticking with us for this long! Now that updates are being worked on daily to make sure updates come out regularly, we thought it was time to start working on community events on a regular basis. We strive to deliver a community event, variable in ''size'', once a month. Starting July 2021, we want to kick off with the Pet Hunter Event! A big thanks to The Solo Way and Guthan for brainstorming about the events. Below you will find all information you are going to need. If there are further questions, feel free to contact either one of us. 





The event will start on friday 9th of july (00:00 GMT+1) and it will last until sunday 18th of july (23:59 PM GMT+1).





In order to win, you must be the first, second, or third player to obtain a Wilderness pet. This may be:

  • Vetion pet
  • Callisto cub
  • Venenatis pet
  • Scorpia pet


Other wilderness bosses have been left out due to their higher chance of obtaining it. 





Now, for the interesting part: There are 3 prizes to be won. 

  • 1st person to obtain a pet: 100 USD added to your donator status
  • 2nd person to obtain a pet: 50 USD added to your donator status
  • 3rd person to obtain a pet: 20 USD added to your donator status.


Note that 1 person is able to get multiple prizes. If you get first pet AND second pet, you get both prizes. 


In the extremely unlikely scenario that NOBODY claims any of the prizes, all the prizes will be added to the next community event. 






  • Only Vetion, Callisto, Venenatis and Scorpia pets count!
  • Multilogging with multiple accounts on 1 boss or multiple accounts across different bosses is strictly prohibited. This will lead to a disqualification.
  • If a screenshot of you getting a pet or the ''You have a funny feeling you would have been followed...'' message does NOT include date and time, it will not be counted as valid, resulting in you not being eligible for a prize. Make sure it does include date and time! 
  • Players are allowed to rag each other off a boss. Kill or get killed!


In order to be eligible for winning a prize, make a printscreen when you get one of the pets listed above.

The printscreen should contain the following:

  1. Date and time
  2. The chatbox showing what pet you got
  3. Type ''Pet hunter 2021''  


In the off-chance that you already have all 4 of these wilderness pets, you will get the following message:  ''You have a funny feeling you would have been followed...''. The same rules as above apply to this. 



We hope that we have provided you with sufficient information before starting the event. Best of luck to all the players who are participating! 















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