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Theatre of Blood Balance Chances - Bug Fixes - QoL

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Tom    338

Hello everyone,


Here are the patch notes for today's update


  • Theatre of Blood Changes
    • Pestilent Bloat
      • When walking, Bloat will now do 4-6 turns before going down
      • When running, Bloat will now do 4-8 turns before going down
    • Nylocas
      • Fixed bug where spawns would get stuck on the web path
      • Defence bonus on spawns lowered to 0
      • Added tag mechanic to spawns. If a big spawn is hit before reaching the room, they will not spawn the smaller spiders on death
    • Xarpus
      • Exhume limit now is equal to either (party size - 1) or 1 (whichever is greater)
      • Exhumes now last 16 ticks
      • Exhumes spawn every 4 ticks
      • Speed at which exhume spits out their healing projectile now scales based on party size
        • Size 5: 2 projectiles per tick
        • Size 4: 1 projectile per tick
        • Size 3: 1 projectile per 2 ticks
        • Size 2: 1 projectile per 3 ticks
        • Size 1: 1 projectile per 4 ticks
      • Amount each exhume projectile heals now scales based on party size
        • Size 5: 6 hp
        • Size 4: 9 hp
        • Size 3: 12 hp
        • Size 2: 16 hp
        • Size 1: 20 hp
      • Speed at which Xarpus spits out poison at players increased (is now faster)
    • Verzik Vitur
      • Amount of common nylocas spawns now scales based on party size (n=party size)
      • Fixed tile where Verzik stands during Phase 3 web shooting attack
      • Improved path/touch check for exploding Nylocas spawns
    • LVP system
      • Party members who die within the raid now have a lower chance of getting the purple chest, if one were received at the end of said raid. Each death will decrease your roll weight by 15%
    • Other
      • Fixed transition text not appearing when entering rooms within the Theatre of Blood
      • Party board now shows the proper Completion/kill count for Theatre of Blood runs
      • Yin-yang death within the Theatre of Blood will now decrease the group's stats
      • Run completion requirements for Sinhaza capes lowered to 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500 respectively.
  • LVP system from Theatre of Blood implemented onto Sands of Avarice
  • Added missing attack sounds for
    • Crystal/Corrupted halberd (normal attacks and special attacks)
    • Twisted bow
    • Godswords (non-smash attack styles and special attacks)
    • Longswords (lunge attack style)
    • Arclight (special attack)
  • Added attack animation for halberd and hasta weapons when player is wielding an off-hand item
  • Improved pathing for Grotesque Guardian attack
  • Attempt to fix Nightmare instance join bug (not able to join someone's instance)
  • Added Corrupt pickaxe as a valid replacement for Dragon pickaxe for Clue scrolls
  • Fixed Skill selection interface disabling skills when you had slayer tasks
  • Added Agility shortcut near Crafting guild to get to the nearby peninsula
  • Fixed issue that marked Harmonised nightmare staff (i) and Brimstone ring (i) as tradeable
  • Reverted Toxic blowpipe attack range increase, except while inside the Chambers of Xeric
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