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Sands of Avarice Changes - WOGW Changes - Npc Pathing - QoL

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Tom    267

Hello everyone,


Couple of highly-requested changes for this patch. Just to keep everyone in the loop, I'm thinking that the next big content patch will involve Gauntlet. Anyway, on to the patch notes:


  • Sands of Avarice
    • General
      • Only party leader may start the raid
      • Stats are now replenished when leaving the raid via the rope in the sarcophagus room
      • Added "Sandy brew" potions. Similar to Saradomin brew, except they heal +19, do not reduce stats - reduce 3 prayer points instead, and cannot be used outside of Sands of Avarice
      • Supply chest no longer gives random loot, but instead always gives
        • 2 sharks
        • 2 sandy brews
        • 1 super restore
    • Atem
      • Removed unnecessary rooms around the general area
    • Scorpion King
      • Distance from middle of room to tunnels has been decreased
    • Sibuna
      • Now consists of 4 phases as opposed to 3
        • Phase 1 (start): 1 tank spawn for left pillar
        • Phase 2 (75% hp): 2 tank spawns for right pillar
        • Phase 3 (50% hp): 2 tank spawns for left pillar and 1 tank spawn for right pillar
        • Phase 4 (25% hp): [4 + (party size * 2)] healer spawns for Sibuna
      • Tank scarabs health now scales +90 per party member (90 for solo, 180 for duo, etc)
      • Healer scarabs health is now a flat 60 for all party sizes
  • Well of good will
    • Old coin
      • Renamed to "Raid coin"
      • 10-hour cooldown
      • Equal chance to start any of the three raid events
    • Diversion coin
      • 6-hour cooldown
      • Equal chance to start any of the following events
        • Skill XP Multiplier (Non-combat)
        • Pest Control
        • Zalcano
        • Wintertodt
    • General
      • There is now 3 types of cooldowns on the well. Each type can turn on an event back-to-back as long as an event isn't ongoing. (i.e you can toss a raid coin and once the event is over, a diversion coin or 1k tokens can be used to start the respective event)
        • Raid coin cooldown: set when raid coin is used
        • Diversion coin cooldown: set when diversion coin is used
        • Token cooldown: set when 1k oldschool tokens are used
      • Theatre of Blood event multiplier changed: 2.0x >> 1.5x
  • Changed weightings for server events triggered by voting
    • Skill XP Multiplier (Non-combat): 25.81%
    • Pest Control: 25.81%
    • Zalcano: 14.52%
    • Wintertodt: 14.52%
    • Nightmare: 14.52%
    • Chambers of Xeric: 1.61%
    • Theatre of Blood: 1.61%
    • Sands of Avarice: 1.61%
  • Fix pathing when attacking certain npcs
  • Added padding in between instances to try and solve some issues where instances sometimes collide by being too close (hard to test on my own, but will keep an eye to make sure it's working properly)
  • Increased health bar size for npcs
    • Max health above 200: Small >> Medium
    • Max health above 400: Medium >> Large
  • Disease damage dealt to Xarpus will no longer trigger his rage attack
  • Different Ironmen mode now have the same shop (UIM/HCI used to have a different store than normal Ironman)
  • You must now complete all Easy, Medium, Hard, and Elite achievements in order to purchase Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 achievement gear respectively
  • You can now obtain multiple/different God capes in the Mage bank
  • Increased duration in between Minnow spots moving from 15 seconds >> 30 seconds
  • Added +6 prayer bonus to Completionist capes
  • Pest control points per win have been restored back to their previous state (we doubled the points a while back to try and solve the "only doing pc on event" issue)
  • You can now use Dwarf multicannon in Kalphite cave (not in KQ area)
  • Fixed bug where Wintertodt events would start Slayer point event instead
  • You must now be inside the Wilderness in order to attack Glod
  • Added Edgeville to City teleports
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