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Loot from 100k Skilling Points

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Gizmo    3

Hi, I've been saving up my skilling points for a while now, and I figured sharing my loot would be a fun thing to do. I ended up buying 286 crates for a total of 100,100 skilling points (they cost 350 skilling points each). I'll post a spoiler with all of the loot in text form. 

Also, for my first 2 inventories, I forgot to check which seed was which. First inventory I got a stack of 16 seeds, and the second inventory had 1 seed, but I'm not sure if they were ranarr/snapdragon, so those 17 seeds were not included in the total (scuffed I know smh).

Thanks for checking out my post : )


Loot in Text Form


Ranarr seed- 62

Snapdragon seed- 60

Maple seed- 20

Yew seed- 2

Magic seed- 9

Raw monkfish- 547

Raw shark- 261

Coal- 1095

Gold ore- 418

Mithril ore- 186

Adamantite ore- 92

Runite ore- 63

Steel bar- 367

Mithril bar- 228

Adamantite bar- 72

Runite bar- 31

Teak log- 390

Mahogany log- 366

Yew log- 449

Magic log- 243

Plank- 259

Oak plank- 112

Teak plank- 362

Mahogany plank- 87

Adamant dart tip- 3264

Rune dart tip- 3485

Dragon dart tip- 1078

Uncut diamond- 113

Uncut dragonstone- 21

Gold leaf- 13


Farmer’s jacket

Angler hat

Angler boots

Plus 17 other seeds (ranarr/snapdragon)




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Iron Chain    0

Same here, i'v opened alot of these boxes, had around 8-9 skilling outfit pieces overall, and when you open one or two the loot looks nice, and it is however... the seeds, specificly magic... are rediculously rare. This makes the whole process for ironmen mainly more upsetting as getting just a few seeds, could potentially take a few hundred chests, if not more. and its a shame, the loot overall is nice, however its very specific in what areas are nice, and not evenly spread. 

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