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Stats with Flux - [10/15/2020]

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Flux    96

Hello OldSchool RSPS'ers,


Sorry for the fact that we missed a few episodes but we're back with the next Stats with Flux!


We're growing!

There has been a total of 17,017 registrations since the launch of OldSchool RSPS. Compared to 2 months ago's registration that's an increase of 34,82%! Hope we can keep up that trend!


Log in, log out

There has been a total recorded amount of 343,528 log in sessions since the launch of OldSchool RSPS. That's a 41.46% increase compared to last stats with flux.


It may be time for an intervention...

The combined play time of the ten players with the most play time is 9,932 hours. That's over 413 days of combined play time! Weirdly enough the top ten players only make 2.71% of the total play time. The Total amount of play time for all players combined is 366,756 hours. Which is a total of 15,281 days which is a total of over 41 YEARS! That's a 58% increase to the last Stats with Flux!


Bonds well spent!

The 5 most bought items from the store are:

536.pngDragon bones: 1884

7968.pngPet Rate Scroll: 1032

11230.pngDragon Dart: 682

20017.pngRing of coins: 620

4151.pngAbyssal Whip: 554


My Precious GPs!

The top ten players with the most amount of cash have a total sum of 14,984,068,498 which is only 14,42% worth of the economy in gold coins. While the top five players own 8,031,238,333 which is 53,95% worth of the top ten players' wealth. While the player with the most gold coins owns 1,754,292,233 which is only 11,71% worth of the top ten players' wealth! 


FYI, the current richest player holds 9,350,558 Platinum tokens which is nearly 20% of the amount of the top 10 players. Which is roughly 10% of the worth of the economy in Platinum Tokens.


Current Economy Stats



All hail Saradomin!


Armadyl: 622

Saradomin: 209

Bandos: 498

Zamorak: 155



We also have 1334 Toxic Blowpipes in game, where only 399 of them are empty. @Tom Delonge still holds most which is a bit over 8% of the total amount in the economy.





Elysian Spirit Shield: 7

Spectral Spirit Shield: 11

Arcane Spirit Shield: 7


Infernal Cape Detail Animated Sticker GIF by daniel73 | Gfycat

There are 1063 Infernal Capes in game. The one which holds the most Infernal's is currently sitting on 126 is @Tom Delonge. @gimp is catching up a bit though. 320 of the capes are in Fire Max cape already!


Abyssal whip - OSRS Wiki

The total amount of Abyssal whips is 3541. Sadly @frenchy got over taken by the myth, the legend, the man himself, it's no one other than @Tom Delonge.


Dev Blog: Deadman Season 3 - Old School Announcements - RuneScape ...

These Snakeling's caught us by surprise since there are now only 80 of em! 

40 Tanzanite one, 22 Magma one and only 18 regular.



Anybody really in need of hiding their face? What better way than to use a Halloween mask!?

Red: 9

Blue: 7

Green: 5

Black: 8

Set's: 3


@stoop Pretty much holds more than half of these 🤯 I guess you could call him the mask collector. However he is tied for the Green one!


IxFBu8z.png t6y0Deq.png yzfwpmG.png VO16XK9.png v94JYCl.png11862.png11863.pngSuT56SQ.pnga676KzK.png

Let's get the party started with the Party Hats! On a side note: we've lost a Party hat set.


Red: 5

Yellow: 7

Blue: 15

Purple: 5

Green: 5

White: 9

Black: 2

Rainbow: 2

Partyhat Set's: 0

Partyhat & specs: 3




HoHoHo, Merry it's not Christmas :wat:? Time for the Santa hats!

Santa Hat: 98

Inverted Santa Hat: 6

Black Santa Hat: 2



I saw that the items from the Theatre of Blood finally made their way into the economy, so let's summarize them!

 aS1yvKe.png   Justiciar faceguard: 128

D1pLyYf.png Justiciar chestguard: 99

  F24rPMk.png   Justiciar legguards: 78

7p5h70L.png   Ghrazi Rapier: 177

22322.pngAvernic defender: 141

u45hPzh.png  Sanguinesti Staff: 155

5a08UUh.png  Scythe of Vitur: 110



The Chamber of Xerics items are here for you guys:

20997.pngTwisted Bow: 186

21003.pngElder Maul: 64

21006.pngKodai  Wand: 121

21034.pngDexterous/Arcane Prayer Scrolls: 360



The Nightmare.png

Seeing as The Nightmare continues here why not list the items here:

24517.png Eldritch Orb: 94 24511.png Harmonised Orb: 63 / 24514.png Volatile Orb: 96

24422.pngNightmare Staff: 239 24425.png Eldritch: 73 / 24423.png Harmonised: 84 24424.png Volatile: 111

24491.pngLittle Nightmare: 9

24495.pngJar of Dreams: 11

24417.pngInquisitor's Mace: 245

24419.pngInquisitor's Great Helm: 309

24420.pngInquisitor's Hauberk: 300

24421.pngInquisitor's Plateskirt: 293



Did someone say Shields? Here it goes!

kuJuKcs.png Dragonfire Shield: 73

LYQknyb.png Dragonfire Ward: 22


Nobody walks barefooted anymore, so let's talk about shoes:

2577.png Ranger Boots: 114

13239.png Primordial Boots: 600

13237.png Pegasian Boots: 262


Quickest Raids times as of now?

xerics.png Chamber of Xerics: 11:36 - by @spaic

tob.png Theatre of Blood: 13:24 - by @hc gutta's party of 5. Second month in a row!

avarice.pngSands of Avarice: 05:02 - by @redworks



All right, that's it for now. Do expect more of these in the future and do let us know what you think of these posts and which items we should change or replace!



These stats are based our Item distribution system, it logs the items per account every 6 hours or on log out. This means that some items might come up more than once if the item is traded back and forth.  It counts the amount of items in the game and the accounts holding it.



Best regards,


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Stoppa    0

I absolutely love this server. I have stopped playing my OSRS Ironman for this. I want to get more involved with the community but love little stat posts like these. Keep up the grind everyone! 

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Wingdragon    74

Amazing stats! Love to see them coming. Maybe for next stats with Flux talk about Dragon warhammer (and how many shamans have been killed?), Elder Warhammers and magma blowpipes?


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