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Halloween Event - SOA Changes - QoL - Bug Fixes

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Tom    338

Hello everyone,


Bit late, but better late than never! The Halloween event for this year is out. I have also turned on a bond promotion for +15% (trying to not do +25% because we already have an abundance of credits and don't want to inflate it further)


  • Halloween Event
    • Bond Promotion: +15% until November 9th
    • Home has been decorated for the Halloween season!
    • Halloween Havoc (Quest)
      • Aggie the Witch is in town and she needs your help to bring her cat back! She can be found in Rimmington.
      • After finishing the quest, be sure to talk to the Killer near home for a Halloween diversion
    • I will be starting on the cache upgrade, I just didn't want to delay the update until that was done. Once the upgrade is complete, we will be adding some of the new Halloween items, either through ;;store or some in-game way of receiving them (if we're still in time for the season)
  • Sands of Avarice
    • Prayer reduction against khufu nerfed: 70% >>> 60%
    • Khufu base health increased by 200 health
    • Sibuna base health increased: 540 >> 780
    • Restricted items such as Sandy brews will now be removed upon leaving through the final room ropes
    • Sandy brews prayer reduction change: -3 >>> -5
    • Sandy brews now heal same amount as Saradomin brews
  • Reduced Sotetseg's initial nuke damage: 115 >>> 105
  • Reduced Sotetseg's melee max hit: 75 >>> 55
  • Increased prayer reduction against Mother muttadile: 0% >>>50%
  • Void mage accuracy decreased: +25% >>> +15%
  • Removed Slayer task requirement needed to complete Sherlock's clues
  • Reduced cooldown for magic cape spellbook swap: 24 hours >>> 12 hours
  • Fremmenik sea boots 3/4 teleport cooldown decreased: 24 hours >>> 12 hours
  • Using fairy ring now saves last destination
  • Using humidify on fruit tree seedlings will now turn them into saplings
  • Corrected Proselyte armor prayer bonus
  • Skill 99 broadcasts will now show 0.5 XP rates
  • Fixed Kalphite queen's respawn location
  • Fixed bug that wouldn't use Magma mutagen when used on Toxic blowpipe
  • Fixed certain ranks having access to commands they shouldn't
  • Upon maxing players will now be informed of Mac's location
  • Fixed Trader stan's "null" name in his dialogues
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