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15 Step Halloween 2020 Guide + Subquest

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Halloween Event Quest Guide

1. Start the quest with Aggie in Rimmington
2. Talk to her and start quest
3. Search the wardrobe a bit to north-west of the room, you'll get cat amulet
4. Go to house north of Aggie's house, climb up, search drawers, you'll get a letter
5. Go to Draynor Manor, climb up the stairs, talk to the Grim Reaper
6. Talk to him, get the quest. You will get a vase.
7. Tele to Varrock, go south-east to the building with church sign. North of altar, there's the old man.
8. Talk to him,  he will say you need a Cleaning Cloth
9. Tele to Rimmington again, talk to Aggie. She will give you the cloth. Come back to old man.
10. Talk to him, then use cloth on the Altar Slab to the east of him. Then talk to Old Man again. You'll get his soul.
11.  Tele to Crafting Guild. Run north, you'll find Hetty. Talk to her, go through, choose the "make me pretty" option when you see it. You'll get her soul eventually.
12. Tele ::home, run to monastery (with the cabbage patch) talk to Father Urhney at the cabbages.
13. Choose the 1st deceitful option. You will get his soul eventually.
14. Go back to Grim Reaper in Draynor Manor, talk to him.
15. After that, go back to Aggie at Rimmington. Talk to her.
16. Quest complete. You get Skele set + Hellcat.


Halloween Event Sub-Quest Guide
17. Tele to ::home. Talk to Killer near the GE. Choose the correct option, you'll get a bag.
18. PVM/Skill to fill bag with candy. Give bag to Killer when it's filled. I think you can repeat this sub-quest.
19. Get random rewards, idk what the rewards are, idk what the best way to get candy is.
20. The End.

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