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Client Issues

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This thread aims to solve any common issues that players may encounter when trying to play OldSchool.



The client won't open / The client shows as a .rar or just a folder


Your client file should show as the following image:




If your client shows as the image above and does not open then you have to reinstall your Java (uninstall all Java versions first then install again).


If your client opens with WinRar/7zip etc instead of Java, follow the steps:

  1. Right click the client and press Properties.
  2. Press Change next to the Opens With section.
  3. Select to open with Java Platform SE Binary.




My client has a white/black screen and won't load!


Ensure you have the latest client by downloading from here. Another cause is a corrupt cache and can be solved by reinstalling your cache folder (see below). It may also be due to a certain area of the world not being accessible. If your account is stuck, please create a post here and we will have this fixed for you ASAP.



How to locate and delete the cache:



  1. Close your client if it's open.
  2. Navigate to C:/Users/YOURUSER/. (Alternatively, you can try pressing the Windows key and "R", then in the "run" box type %userprofile%)
  3. Search for a folder titled ".oldschool" and delete it.
  4. Re-open your client and allow it to redownload the server files/cache.



  1. Close your client if it's open.
  2. Open the Finder app.
  3. Go to the task bar and select 'Go' then 'Go to Folder'.
  4. Enter "~/library/Caches" in to the folder search.
  5. Locate the ".oldschool" folder and move the folder to trash.
  6. Re-open the OldSchool Rsps client to redownload the server files/cache.



My client says "Error connecting to the server"


First of all, ensure that the server is actually online by checking the Discord.


There are a few reasons why you cannot connect to the server:

  1. You are not connected to the internet.
  2. You are using a restricted computer/network such as in a school which does not allow outbound connections that it doesn't recognize.
  3. Your antivirus is blocking the client from connecting to the internet. You can temporarily disable this in the settings or add the client as an exception to run without being blocked.
  4. Your firewall is blocking the client from connecting. You can disable it temporarily or add the client as an exception.


A potential workaround for this is to use a VPN to connect. You can find many free VPN programs from searching on Google.



When I run the client it appears tiny & does not scale properly


Follow this post for the solution to that.

If your client still does not scale after following the post above, you can opt to use the "stretched mode" setting in the RuneLite panel.


If the issue you are experiencing is not on this thread, please make a post in our Community Questions section and you will be replied to ASAP.


Best regards,


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