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Hello and welcome to "Ironmen" community thread.


This clan is designed for any type of ironmen that are alike! We have rules, we have fun and we stay together!

Ranks will be upgraded to members who show support and help others within the community.







- Following all OldSchool Rules

- No discussions regarding politics, religion, or anything that could cause arguments. Everyone has their own opinion, just respect it at that. 

- Respect everyone in-game, no matter rank.

- Do NOT recruit directly from any other clans. 

- Do not spam. This goes for the clan chat as well as discord server.

- No begging for ranks within the CC.

- Hate speech against race, religion, sexual orientation or disabilities will NOT be tolerated. Derogatory slurs, regardless of spelling, are not allowed in any context.

- Do NOT provoke others into breaking the rules in any way.





This is just a temporary post, I will update it more in the future. Have a great day!


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On 5/22/2021 at 11:48 AM, Bag said:

might bring this clan back, who would join?

I would mate, would be happy to help out in anyway way regarding the clan.

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