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C R I M'S Raids Drop Log

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c r i m    11

Welcome to my Raids Drop Log. Here is where I will record my Raid loots.


Drops I own will be marked with a thumbs up (y)  and drops I don't own will be marked with a thumbs down (b) .


Lets get down to business!






 Chambers Of Xerics

Dexterous Prayer (b)





Arcane Prayer Scroll (b)




Twisted Buckler (b)




Dragon Hunter Crossbow (b)




Dinh's Bulwark (b)




Ancestral Hat (b)




Ancestral Robe Top (b)




Ancestral Robe Bottom (b)




Dragon Claws (b)




Elder Maul (b)




Kodai Insignia (b)




Twisted Bow (b)




Pet (b)




Pet Dust (b)





Theatre Of Blood


Avernic Hilt Defender (y)




Ghrazi Rapier (y)




Sanguinesti Staff (y)




Scythe of Vitur (b)




Justiciar Faceguard (y)




Justiciar Chestguard (b)




Justiciar Legguard (b)




Lil Zik (b)





Sands of Avarice


Dagger of Athiri (b)




Gravekeeper's Sceptre (b)




Aphek's Khopesh (b)




Medjai's Headgear (b)




Medjai's Trench (b)




Medjai's Chaps (y)



I had forgot to screenshot my chaps drop. Will replace once I receive a second.


Baby Khufu (b)







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Justi Faceguard and Ghrazi Rapier - New Additions

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c r i m    11
On 6/17/2020 at 6:51 AM, Fepp said:

Goodluck with filling this raid log Crim 🙂

Thanks Fepp! 

On 6/17/2020 at 5:49 PM, Tom Delonge said:

Good luck Crim!

Thanks Tom!

2 hours ago, Groupies said:

Goodluck on the drops mate!

Thank you Groupies. 


This time around I plan on finishing ToB's Log forsure. Was only a pet away on Indova.

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