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All information is located on the clan discord.




Everyone is welcome to join the discord, however,  joining "TSF" cc requires an in-game recruit rank.


To receive an in-game rank:


  • Join discord and enter the following channel:




  • React to the Smiley Face to receive a recruit rank on discord.



  • Reply in the channel with the required information.
    • If your request is taking awhile, feel free to send a message to Bot, Dot, Gimp, Tato, HC Gutta or Myself (Looting Bag) in-game or on Discord.




  1. All Oldschool-RSPS rules apply.
  2. Do not cause/instigate issues within clan chat.
  3. Banter is allowed, with restrictions to Race, Ethnicity, Religion, and Sexual Orientation
  4. Bsing CC members is not tolerated and will result in a blacklist from clan chat
  5. Have fun! It's a game, enjoy yourself.


Breaking these rules could result to a kick/ban from the clan. Just be respectful and you should be alright.



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