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Pet Thresholds - QoL - Bug Fixes

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Tom    338

Hello everyone,


Tonight's patch is mainly to get ready for the upcoming events we will have.


In the month of December we will host a King of the Skill event as well as another PvM Bingo event. As of now we are looking to do one event starting December 4th and another near the end of December. Announcements for these events will be posted in the upcoming days.


On to the patch notes:


  • Added Pet Threshold system
    • This system will increase your chance of obtaining a pet after you have reached a certain killcount for bosses
    • The thresholds can be found here: https://pastebin.com/6BeAKWgj
    • Book with information on bosses with thresholds can be found in General store
  • Added completion broadcasts for Chambers of Xeric (Challenge & Non Challenge modes)
  • Added Discord announcement for failing Chambers of Xeric Challenge Mode
  • Added ability to decant Sandy brew doses
  • Added ability to build Marble lectern in POH
  • Added Pickaxe shop to Percy in Motherlode Mine
    • Must be unlocked with one-time fee of 25 Golden nuggets
  • Added Perry's axe shop near the Woodcutting guild
  • Added ability to specify how many Affinity charges you would like to sacrifice
  • Eldritch staff special attack energy requirement reduced: 75% >>> 55%
  • Removed ability to use Revenant cave entrances/exits while frozen
  • Fixed bug where bonuses from items such as blessings wouldn't show up with weapons such as Toxic blowpipe (weapons that don't take ammo ranged bonuses into account)
  • Fixed oversight that wouldn't clear Imbued heart effect on death
  • Fixed Chambers of Xeric unique loot broadcast in Challenge Mode using non-CM run count
  • Lowered Thermonuclear smoke devil respawn delay from 15 seconds to 10 seconds
  • Removed ability to fletch darts with a full inventory
  • Replaced minimap icon for Well of good will
  • Removed Quest icon
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Cheeky    0

Pet threshold is going to be nice, a bit of decent QoL updates as well. Keep it up guys, and i'll be looking forward to KOTS and the BINGO event. Much love ❤️

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Dot    7
20 hours ago, irreverentgi said:

Hey! Is the pickaxe shop meant to be intended for irons or not? It let me pay 25 nuggets to unlock but then tells me I cant use it as iron (after eating my nuggets 😢 #bugreport

Yes, it will be fixed if not already.

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