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The Gauntlet

The gauntlet   

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  1. 1. What style do you prefer

    • The Full Gauntlet
    • Only the Boss

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pog    1

At the moment the next big update is going to be The Gauntlet From OSRS. So we will be needing input to see what everyone wants to see in the update. The big question is what style of gauntlet would you all would prefer there are three options.


Option 1: The entire Gantlet.

   This option would be the entire run start to finish as OSRS. This would mean you would enter with nothing gather all of your supply's and build your gear and defeat the boss all in a set time. This option would be the best shards per hour. 


Option 2: Only the boss.

  This way would be the boss fight itself and only the boss. So instead of gathering all of your gear/supply's when you enter you be spawned in the boss room along with a set setup to defeat the boss. If we go this route it will be less shards per hour. 


Option 3: Both Options (If able to.)

  This option would let you pick from the 2 options above. Just note this route may not be possible. So for now were gonna see if one option gets a large majority before we go down this way. 


Nothing is set in stone so we want to see what the community wants before we start.

The last large Question is what rewards you would like to see so please Leave a reply letting us know if you have any interesting rewards or ideas for The Gauntlet. 

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Haste    0

This is a great idea, as long as the drop table isint too carried away, or could hurt the integrity of ironman modes! +1 on the idea for sure.

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No Pure    0

Looking forward to it, this gonna be HUGE!

As rewards i think the droptable from the real gauntlet isn't bad at all, maybe add a slim chance for a onyx aswell.

Might look into that blade, if its charged with enough shards to turn into the imbued version which doesn't use charges.

A possible idea would be something to enchant the elven signet ring to make it actually useful, like giving a damage % boost for crystal bow/blade as example.

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9 hours ago, Fish said:

No ez scape here so im all down for full 

agreed make the full-minigame if you ask me. makes it more grind worthy, and at the end feel more rewarding cause you completed the full thing.


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Wingdragon    67
On 12/2/2020 at 8:33 AM, Papers said:

Are we gonna get the Blade of Saeldor, and the pet? Also are we making sure it will be a unsafe death for Hardcores like real OSRS?

Saeldor and pet will be implemented, yes. IMO yes unsafe death. However, there should be practise options then, whilst not providing rewards. As people new to gauntlet might insta die



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