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Clue Grind

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Level3    25

After a long time of doing slayer, I have saved up quite a bunch of clues. 70 hard clues, 5 elite clues and 3 master clues to be exact. Today, I decided to get up early (7 am) and grind through them the entire day. It currently is (3:48 PM) and I have completed all the clues. I saved all the loot on a mule account in order to show you what you can expect from clue scrolls and why they may be worthwhile. 


Below are some screenshots of the loot.



I ended up selling all the duplicate items and crystal key items. These were mostly the runite stuff, god armour, runite bars, blessings, e.t.c. God boots, ranger hat and 3rd age range top and samurai gloves will be sold seperately in the g.e. Selling these duplicates came out to be over 10M. 


Overall i'm really happy with the outcome, I got a bunch of supplies to use or sell. On top of that I ended up with a whole variety of cosmetics to either collect or sell! 


However I feel like I will never put my hands on a clue scroll again, this was straight up torture. 


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Guthan    1

Very nice man, I did 79 hards, 25 elites as well and got lucky on rangers 😄 Best of luck on getting them!

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