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Level 3's Alchemic Hydra guide (Safespot)

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Hey guys, because I can't be asked to learn how to do Alchemic Hydra the proper way, i'll show you how to kill Alchemic Hydras using a safespot.



Slayer_icon.png.339b475d4ea67926c80a9d37f22d36c0.png 95 (Can ONLY be killed on a slayer task)

Ranged_icon.png.3cb061a24ab08ba25d4ba851d836b366.png 75+ is advised



Take the best ranged gear you have. Best In Slot for this boss would be a twisted bow, but a toxic blowpipe or dragon hunter crossbow also works very well. 



Since we're using the safespot, not much food is required. I would advice you to bring something along the lines of the image shown below. 




Killing an Alchemic Hydra

First, get in the safespot position in the south-east corner of the room. You can stay here the entire fight for those wondering. 






The Alchemic Hydra can attack with two attack styles: Magic and ranged. In the GIF below I show you how to distinguish one from another. 







The Alchemic Hydra does 3 ranged (R) attacks, then 3 magic (M) attacks, the order in which it attacks is random. Sometimes it also spits out toxic waste (TW), you don't have to worry about it when you're in the safepot. But this does not count as either a ranged or magic attack. Let me give you an example. Hydra attacks in this order: R-R-R-TW-R-M-M-M. Even though Hydra has already done 3 ranged attacks, a Toxic Waste attack will let Hydra do one more of the attacks it was previously doing. This also works the same way for magic, in this case it may do even 4 ranged or 4 magic attacks. 


Hydra has 4 phases. I will explain them down below.


      Phase 1: 100%-75% HP. Cycles between 3 ranged and 3 magic attacks. (It's random what attack style is first)

Phase 2: 75-50% HP. Cycles between 3 ranged and 3 magic attacks. (Starts according to where it left off)

Phase 3: 50-25% HP. Cycles between 3 ranged and 3 magic attacks. (Starts according to where it left off)

                                                          Phase 4: 25-1% HP. The Alchemic Hydra is now enraged. Cycles between 1 ranged and 1 magic attack. (Starts according to where it left off))


Once you've done this, the Alchemic Hydra is dead. Good job!


Average loot per kill

Since i'm doing a slayer task at the moment of writing this, I will save all the loot and give you an average amount of GP every kill is worth. This is still in the making and will be updated in the future!


Average drop worth after 75 kills: 302k


Notable drops: 

   1x   Hydra_leather.png.b5decb47ad01e9087c59303c26d452df.png = 45M

1x   Hydra tail.png = 1M

            1x Hydra's fang.png = Untradeable

            1x Hydra's heart.png = Untradeable

           1x Hydra's eye.png= Untradeable



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